2011-04-14 / Local & State

Local Church To Host Invisible Children Screening

Ugandan speaker to raise awareness of child soldiers in Northern Uganda

A media-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to ending Africa’s longest-running war will be screening a film entitled “Tony” at the Pleasant Grove Christian Church on Saturday, April 16. Entitled Invisible Children, the program was created to raise awareness about children who are abducted and forced to fight as soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group currently terrorizing central east Africa.

The event is part of the Invisible Children's Congo Tour that entails 17 teams traveling across America with the Ugandans featured in these films, according to local event organizer Amy Hill, a youth leader at Pleasant Grove.

Each of the 17 teams is lead by three American volunteers and one Ugandan speaker. American volunteers backing the Pleasant Grove event are Lauren Grace, Emily Jensen and

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