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Conservation Dist. Updates County Commissioners

County given 2011 PComp Risk Management Award
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Fulton County commissioners heard from the director of the Fulton County Conservation District on Tuesday regarding the organization’s busy schedule that got under way shortly after the winter agricultural banquet.

Director Seleen Shives pointed out since the winter gathering, many telephone calls have been received regarding property owners needing assistance with meeting regulatory requirements. As a result, technicians have been busy in the field meeting with landowners on timber harvesting, erosion and sediment control requirements, streambank fencing and the application of manure.

Among the calls received, Shives noted, was a concern linked to a brown lot located alongside a stream in the Burnt Cabins area of Dublin Township. The director said the lot is small in size for the number of animals being kept there, and her office will suggest to the land user use a rotation in that space.

In touching on the topic of applying for additional funding, Shives stated her office has applied for approximately $132,000 in money through the Department of Environmental Protection’s Chesapeake Bay Program. The funding, if approved, would be expended on three initiatives: nutrient management planning, streambank restoration and agriculture education and outreach.

Through the Erosion and Sediment Control Program, Shives indicated three preconstruction meetings have been held in conjunction with the McConnellsburg Sewer Authority project, the I-70 Maryland to Amaranth project and the Route 30 project by PennDOT. In addition, eight site meetings were conducted, which included two waste areas and two timber harvest sites, for the purpose of discussing erosion and sediment control requirements.

Conservation District employees are also preparing for a busy spring in local classrooms by meeting with students, discussing environmental issues and making preparations for the annual Envirothon competition held in May.

The Conservation District will wrap up summertime activities with its annual picnic for employees, board members and the commissioners on September 8 at Laurel Ridge. Shives indicated she hopes to take board members and the commissioners on a tour of local projects at that time, so they can get a better feel for the extent of work being completed.

The commissioners spoke via telephone with Union Township property owner Ervin Steele, who said he did not receive a real estate tax bill in 2010. The commissioners responded state law stipulates the burden of paying taxes falls on the shoulders of the taxpayer.

Steele has paid the bill, but pointed out he did not typically pay for bills he has not received notice for. He added his credit rating has probably been hurt because of the tax being filed as delinquent.

County projects coordinator Karen Hann discussed the replacement of curb cuts to the commissioners. Hann said the cutouts were damaged during the construction project and will be replaced by D.H. Martin when the sidewalks in front of the Neighborhood Service Center are replaced.

In addition, Hann noted the county has received a letter of notification from Palmer Construction, which is slated to be entirely finished with the Neighborhood Service Center renovations by April 14.

Business manager Tim Stanton touched on a variety of topics, including interviews for the EMA/911 coordinator position; first-quarter budget projections; and the replacement of an aluminum door and electric heaters in the courthouse heaters.

Stanton went on to discuss the county’s participation in the National Association of Counties Prescription Drug Discount Program. Since joining in October of 2007, participating residents have saved a total of $67,741 through 4,325 prescriptions. Stanton pointed out the program saves on average 30.42 percent per prescription.

He said that the discount card can be used on prescriptions not covered by insurance or on pet medications in the event the medication is filled by a nonveterinarian participating pharmacy. Discount cards can be obtained by contacting the county’s business office at 717-485-6874.

The commissioners were recognized for reducing claim costs through the 2011 PComp Risk Management Award. According to statistics, the worst claims year for the county was in 2004 when there was $152,840 in incurred claims. In 2010, the county did not submit any incurred claims.

Commissioner David Hoover II reported he, along with Historical Society members Dick Miller and Glenn Cordell, met with representatives of Redland Siding Systems located in Williamsport, Md. regarding an new exterior facade for the sheriff’s office. A small section of half-bricks, referred to as Tru- Brix, will be affixed to the facility later this week to compare the exterior to that of the courthouse.

Hoover stated the proposed exterior appears to be “reasonable,” and the Redland officials will get back to the county and Historical Society with a price.

The commissioners noted that Ellis Yingling and Pete Culler of the Board of Elections approved a motion Friday to relocate the polling place in Licking Creek Township to the township’s municipal building for the spring 2011 election. It was noted a 34-footby 42-foot addition to the building has been completed to accomodate the voters. In attendance for the meeting were Licking Creek Township supervisors John R. Swindell and Donald Swope and residents Jerry Gregory, George Cutchall and Christine B. Clark.

Sample ballots for the May 17 spring primary were tentatively slated to be posted on the county’s Web site by midweek for examination by interested residents. The documents can be found online at www.co.fulton.pa.us/sample-ballots.

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