2011-04-07 / Letters

Marcellus Shale: Profit For Some Or Safety For All?

To The Editor:

The public deserves to know much more than was revealed in the 3/31/11 article titled “Origins of the Marcellus Natural Gas Boom.” (Marcellus is an underground vein of shale said to contain natural gas.)

Yes, there is potential for great wealth for a very few. But, there is also the potential for great harm to unknown numbers of residents who live above or in proximity to the gas extraction sites. Water, sand and chemicals used to extract the gas are pumped deep underground. The flow of this toxic cocktail cannot be predicted. If the chemicals mix with an aquifer that provides water to humans, animals or plants, life cannot be sustained. Presently, gas extraction is occurring in New York state.

Will our elected representatives bend to the profit motives of Wall Street corporations, or will the welfare of the residents of Pennsylvania be considered first?

Donald Kioseff
Warfordsburg, Pa.

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