2011-04-07 / Letters

Gas Fracking Poses Threats To Environment

To The Editor:

In regard to the Marcellus shale articles in last week’s paper:

All living things need water. That being said, who will condone the use of hydraulic fracturing to harvest natural gas from Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania? Other places have allowed fracking in their areas with detrimental results. Fracking causes pollution, especially in our water supplies. Big gas companies target what they consider poor, uneducated communities with large land holdings for drilling rights. These are the people they feel will be most easily swayed by the bribes they offer. Money to shut up our complaints as they poison the environment. They say we get a richer Pennsylvania, with “clean” energy, a booming economy, more jobs, and a diminishing need for foreign oil. To what end? Never mind that farmers( and their neighbors) may not be able to water their livestock, or grow crops, or even turn on the faucet for a drink! Landowners who have allowed fracking are able to light their tap water on fire, their animals that drink the affected water lose hair and become ill, and some landowners (and gas company wells alike) have even experienced well explosions. (The complete negative effects of fracking are not yet known as the EPA has just recently started conducting studies.) Be aware! The large gas corporations are lying to us. We need to educate ourselves on the harmful effects of fracking. A good place to start is the independent documentary, “Gasland.” It is available to rent (Blockbuster, Netflix) or buy (Amazon). The Web site for the movie is www.gaslandthemovie.com. Another Web site is www.stopfrackingnow.com. All of us are responsible for the resources God has given us. I don’t know anyone who can live without water. We should all be taking a stand against fracking.

Heather Keefer

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