2011-04-07 / Letters

Davis Lane Road Repairs Urgently Needed

To The Editor:

Driving on Davis Lane in Hustontown, Taylor Township, is like driving on an obstacle course. Potholes have taken over, and it’s impossible to have two cars pass each other. One has to stop or risk busting a tire and throwing your vehicle out of alignment, both of which are costly.

I understand this is the time of year potholes appear when the frost comes out of the ground. That being said, this is beyond the normal pothole. This is to the point of dangeorus conditions. The berm is washed out 7 to 8 inches deep and 10 to 12 inches wide. Everyone knows budgets are tight and things need to be prioritized. This should be very high on the list. We are talking about public safety.

Tiles should be thoroughly cleaned out. My neighbor took a shovel and cleaned out every tile on Davis Lane by himself before we got heavy rainfall in March. He had it done in a few hours, and it was raining.

I’ve watched two guys do it and it took all day. Township employees should make better use of their time and complete jobs right to result in savings.

Something has to be done.

Kimberly McDaid
Taylor Township Taxpayer

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