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30 Years Ago

From The Files of April 2, 1981

Reaction in this area to the Monday afternoon shooting of President Ronald Reagan and three other men ranged from sorrow to outright anger. Reagan was reported in good condition following surgery for removal of a .22 bullet from his lung. His press secretary, James S. Brady, is in poor condition with a brain injury. A Secret Service agent and a policeman were also injured in the mid-afternoon shooting outside a Washington hotel. John Warnock Hinckley Jr., 25, of Evergreen, Colo., a disturbed loner, is charged with the shooting.

A McConnellsburg man has been charged with being part of a burglary ring specializing in antiques and operating in a five-county area, which was broken on Friday by state police from Fulton, Bedford, Somerset, Huntingdon and Mifflin counties who cooperated in the crackdown on the burglars.

Thursday is a special day for The First National Bank of McConnellsburg. On this day, April 2, in 1906, The First National first opened its doors business. It opened in what is now a portion of the main bank lobby. The bank was capitalized at $25,000 and at the end of the first week showed assets of approximately $41,000. Lewis H. Wible was the first president of the new bank, and the bank was staffed by Merrill W. Nace, cashier and B. Frank Henry, teller. A few years later, George S. Grissinger joined the bank and these men formed the operating team for most of the next 40 years. Assets of the bank now stand at approximately $27,000,000. The staff consists of 18 full-time and three part-time employees.

Specials at the IGA: pork chops, $1.79 lb.; Lucky Charms, $1.39; Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits, 4 for $1; Downey, $2.69, 96 ozs.; Pampers diapers, $3.19, 24 count.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fagley of Harrisonville on March 20; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snyder of Breezewood on March 21; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Daniels of Harrisonville on March 24; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Botscharow of Mc- Connellsburg on March 26; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Perrin of Breezewood on March 26.

Deaths: Olive R. Powell, Mapleton; Lloyd C. Youse, Mc- Connellsburg.

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