2011-03-31 / Letters

Nuts At School Scary? Home School Your Kids

To The Editor:

This nut issue is simply ridiculous! In last week’s paper, a concerned mother wrote “Who is now responsible for my son?” This is a typical expectation of parents today. Times and budgets are tight for everyone, and the school is spending taxpayer money to watch out for the safety of one child more than another. Teachers are taking over 30 minutes of teaching time every day searching through lunches and having to call parents to verify whether food may contain nuts. These parents think that someone else, or in this case an entire school district, should have to change in order to fit the needs of a couple of people.

Parents and the people that care for children need to be educated and realize that the world involves risks and being smart instead of hysterical is the answer. Children have had allergies since time began, but we don’t keep all the kids inside because one of them has an allergy to bees. I applaud the school board for making a tough but smart decision, and for parents that think the school is a medical center that should bend over to cater to a select few, here are a couple of words for you: home school!

Diane Leese

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