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30 Years Ago

From The Files Of March 26, 1981

A bit of vanishing Americana, in the form of an old Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement, is still visible on the side of a barn on Route 30 west of Harrisonville. The sign was painted on the barn more than 50 years ago, soon after the barn was built in 1917 by Robert Kline. Kline has since deeded his farm to his daughters, who rents it to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Mellott. Kline lives across the road from the barn in an old brick farmhouse dating back to 1818. Time and the weather, which have faded the sign, have also taken their toll elsewhere, and the Mail Pouch ads, which once were a familiar part of the rural American landscape, are rarely to be seen these days. Kline said another one, located south of Harrisonville, remains in good shape, although it was painted at about the same time as his was.

Robin Lefevre of Philadelphia, who has been staying with his stepfather, Lawrence Shimer, left last Thursday for a concert tour in Saudi Arabia with the Harmonica Rascals. Robin is a member of this nationally known comedy group.

Merwyn and Inez Eddy, Needmore, are owners of the top producing dairy herd for February in the Fulton County Dairy Herd Improvement Association.

Deaths: Mrs. Georgia A. Sillers, Carlisle; Fred S. Fisher, McConnellsburg; Pauline R. Varner, Mount Union; Dolores R. Hanks, Warfordsburg; Bruce Bishop, Hancock.

Specials at the IGA: cauliflower, $1.19 a head; Hi-C fruit drinks, 69 cents; fresh ground beef, $1.39 lb.; Betty Crocker cake mix, 69 cents.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Taylor of Berkeley Springs on March 14; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Miller of Hustontown on March 18.

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