2011-03-31 / Family

Grissinger Reunion Held

The annual Allen and Adaline (Ott) Grissinger reunion was held June 27 at Dublin Mills Community Church pavilion with 49 family members attending. The families were called together with President Denny Long giving the invocation.

After a bountiful covered dish luncheon, the business meeting was called to order with Sharon Long reading Psalms 128. Officers are to remain the same for another year with president - Denny Long; vice president - Jim Grissinger; and secretary/ treasurer - Pat Rankin.

Gifts given this year were eldest man - John Curfman; eldest woman - Mary Knepper; married longest - Chester and Irene Grissinger; most recently married - Brendan and Becky McGrath; youngest child - Chase Wilson; and traveled furthest - Howard and Barbara Naugle.

The trophy changed hands again this year with it going back to the family of Mart and Violet Grissinger.

Those attending were: Wanda and Steve Group, Betsy Hoffman, Fern and Teresa Naugle, Walter Naugle, Howard and Barbara Naugle, Gary and Louise Naugle, Ellen Naugle, Heather, Meagan and Aaron Kough, Coy and Dorothy Spade, Fred and Violet Culler, Sharon Snyder, Mary Knepper, John and Jane Black, Anna Stapleton, Denny and Sharon Long, R. Dale Rickabaugh, Verda Yablonski, Jim and Teresa Grissinger, James Grissinger, Amanda and Chase Wilson, Becky, Kieya, Jenicka and Sean Mc- Grath, Chester and Irene Grissinger, Dan and Donna Varner, Eva Cornelius, Penne Covert, Wayne and Maxine Wright, Andrew and Nora Grissinger, Jake and Linda Cresswell, Carol Ramsey, John Curfman and Pat Rankin.

Group pictures were taken by Wanda Group, and many family pictures were taken this year.

Next year’s reunion will be held June 26, again at Dublin Mills Community Church pavilion, Dublin Mills.

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