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In Memory


In loving memory of Nancy Lea Orr, March 29, 2009: We awake each morning to start a new day But the pain of losing you never goes away We go about the things we have to do And as the hours pass we think again of you We want to call you and just hear your voice Then we remember that we have no choice For you are not there and now our heart cries Just to see you again to tell you goodbye To say Mom we love you and we always will And hope that much of you In us you’ve instilled. The day that you left we just didn’t know That you were going where we couldn’t go And now all our memories of you are so dear But gosh, how we miss you And wish you were here Who now can hear us when we need to cry? It’s so hard to tell you

“Mom goodbye.” Someday we know all will be well And we will see you again With stories to tell Of how you were missed And how we have grown And how good it is to finally be home. Until then our memories of you we keep near And we will pass them on to those who are dear. We miss and love you, Our Mom, Nancy

Your children

Tammy, Cammy and Chris


In loving memory of my dad, Ross DeShong, on the anniversary of his journey home March 23, 2007: I’ve gotten through the worst part The sea of endless tears I’ve managed to go on from there To travel through the years. I never have forgotten The joys I shared with you You’ll always be a part of me In all I say and do. I am so truly grateful For everything we had My heart forever echoes I really miss you, Dad!

All my love,


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