2011-03-24 / Local & State

Hagerty Announces Candidacy For Commissioner


Joseph Hagerty Joseph Hagerty Joseph M. Hagerty has announced his candidacy for Fulton County commissioner on the Republican ticket in the primary election on May 17, 2011.

Hagerty is 48 years of age, married with six children and resides in Warfordsburg. He is unashamedly a conservative Christian, who has lived in Fulton County all of his adult life, and is a fourthgeneration homebuilder. Hagerty has experience with running businesses, both small and large (budgets in excess of $7 million), knows how to meet a payroll and balance a budget. He is excellent at efficiency and common sense-sustainable solutions.

Hagerty has been president of the Fulton County Builders Association since 2006 and on the board of directors of the Franklin County Builders Association. He was recently named “Homebuilder of the Year” for Fulton and Franklin counties. He is currently serving on the Fulton County Farmland Preservation Board for his second term, and is the judge of elections for the Bethel election district. Hagerty also serves as an active member of the Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School Advisory Board and has been a 4-H leader with more than 10 years of club leadership experience.

Hagerty believes in freedom of religion, speech and parental rights. He believes that the government is employed by the people and that our leaders should remember that fact, especially when it comes to financial accountability. He believes that it’s our tax dollars that support the government, not government dollars that support us. Financial accountability must be secured just as we the citizens are required to be accountable. “Just because a grant or state program is good for Harrisburg, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia doesn’t mean it’s good for Fulton County,” said Hagerty.

His philosophy is that government should spend the taxpayers’ money frugally and should leave constituents alone as much as possible so that they might have more freedom and liberty.

“My sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to all of those who signed my petitions and encouraged me to run in this election. It is with this sense of community pride and the blessings that we all have that makes me proud of being a citizen from Fulton County and wanting to serve my neighbors,” said Hagerty.

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