2011-03-10 / Sports

Lacey Beatty Scores 1,000th Point

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Lacey Beatty Lacey Beatty Having started playing basketball as early as fourth grade, Southern Fulton High School senior Lacey Beatty considers her self fortunate to have learned the game from some of the best mentors around.

A fierce competitor on and of the court, Beatty’s knowledge of the game and team leader attitude pushed the guard into the ranks of the leading area scorers during the Lady Indians’ recent appearance in the opening round of District 5-A playoffs.

Needing only three points to reach the 1,000-point mark, Beatty found herself closely guarded by Rockwood’s defenders, delaying her monumental achievement until the second period. With a well-timed screen by teammate Morgan Mills, Beatty was able to open herself to sink a shot that sent chills up her spine and the fans in attendance into a standing ovation.

The 18-year-old daughter of Todd and Billie Jo Beatty of Needmore told the “News” she was overcome with “relief” that night. “My teammates had been asking me if I wanted a three-point shot or two two-point shots,” recalled Beatty, who didn’t even want to broach the subject for a time out of fear she would jinx herself.

“I never even knew I was so close,” said Beatty. “We had about seven games left in the regular season when it finally dawned on me.”

Even though Beatty wasn’t dwelling on reaching 1,000 points and was more concerned with bringing home another district title, her mother and little brother Logan were behind the scenes, checking game stats and doing their own math. Meanwhile, Beatty focused on what got her and the Lady Indians to districts leadership, a strong defense and a lightening-fast quick break.

“My favorite part of the game is defense. When I started out, I wasn’t sure about the offense and shooting, but now I’ve come to enjoy both,” said Beatty. “I eventually picked up on leadership skills. I’m not a yeller, but I like to get everyone pumped up and ready for a game.”

In fact, when the Lady Indians were behind in the count to Rockwood, it was Beatty and fellow team captain Chelsie Eader who stepped up their personal game and took matters into their own hands for the 51-22 win.

Success for Beatty is linked to her time at the elementary basketball level where she got “worked hard” by program coordinator Darlene

DeShong. Of course, DeShong’s fundamentals were later followed up with key instruction by coaches Joe Hollenshead and Amy Fischer. In fact, it was Fischer, according to Beatty, who constantly reminded the Lady Indians about their potential to go all the way to district championships at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown.

“Coaches Mark Mellott and Terry Bard came in and pushed us the rest of the way,” Beatty stated. “My teammates have also really pushed one another and myself. They wanted me to get the shots so I could reach 1,000 points.”

“I think we’ve got confidence in one another,” said Beatty of her teammates. “We don’t over think and just play the game. I think we can definitely go for a while in states.”

Looking back at her time with the Lady Indians squad, support from Beatty’s parents and Hollenshead have been invaluable, but her mentor and numberone supporter over the years has been her grandfather, Dale Zeger, who never missed a game.

That same support will continue to be a presence as post- season play winds down and Beatty transitions into a veteran member of the spring track and field team and looks to the future. Interested in attending Elizabethtown to study anesthesiology, Beatty concluded sports will continue to play an active role in her life, but she’s looking forward to concentrating on her studies and career plans.

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