2011-03-10 / Local & State

McMullen Gets Jail Time

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

A 60-year-old Fort Littleton man was taken into custody by the sheriff on Tuesday and transported to the Franklin County Prison for threatening a woman at gunpoint.

Harold Ivan McMullen was sentenced by Judge Shawn Meyers of the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas on March 8 in connection with a guilty plea to one count of terroristic threats. Multiple charges, including terroristic threats, were initially filed against McMullen of 2256 Sinoquipe Road on July 16, 2010, by Pennsylvania State Police at the McConnellsburg barracks.

According to police documents, a 59-year-old female suffered a medical emergency while at McMullen’s Dublin Township home, causing him to become upset when she failed to clean up the mess properly. He pointed a loaded .22 caliber pistol at the victim’s left temple and threatened to kill her.

In recapping the incident to Judge Meyers, Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall pointed out the female victim suffers from serious medical conditions and relies on the care provided by McMullen. Kendall noted he had spoken with representatives from the Area Agency on Aging regarding future care for the woman, but due to only being 59, and not 60, they were unable to provide services. The agency however, can link the victim and her family to services in the event of McMullen’s incarceration.

The district attorney went on to point out McMullen and the woman were involved in an argument while in Arkansas. The dispute, according to Kendall, escalated to McMullen making threats and resulted in a charge of disorderly conduct. Following the outof state incident and during a nocontact provision, the woman stayed temporarily with family.

Meanwhile, defense attorney Annie Gomez stated she had personally spoken with Clyde White of Leisure Living Retirement Home about shelter and care for the victim. At this time, the facility owner is unsure if proper care could be provided. Due to Mc- Mullen providing so much care to the woman, Gomez asked the court to consider house arrest in lieu of jail time.

Speaking on his own behalf, McMullen confessed he did something that he should not have done. McMullen said the incident resulted from a lack of communication, which has since been solved.

“Things are wonderful. We talk now,” he said.

“It sounds like you got her to communicate by putting a gun to her head,” the judge told the defendant. “Her children are probably exasperated as the court in her choosing to live with someone who conducts himself this way.”

Meyers wrapped up the sentencing proceeding by ordering McMullen to spend between six and 23 months in the Franklin County Prison. He will be eligible for work release, and following his release he will complete 36 months probation.

In addition to paying a $250 fine, McMullen will be unable to contact the victim until domestic violence and anger management treatment are completed. Furthermore, he will not be able to own, possess or use a firearm.

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