2011-03-10 / Local & State

814 Area Code Could Have 2 More Years Of Numbers

Source: AP - AP Wire STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) – The 814 area code in northwestern and central Pennsylvania may not be running out of phone numbers are quickly as initially thought.

The firm that administers area code allocations told the state Public Utility Commission it may be 2015 when the 814 area code is out of numbers, instead of 2013. Regulators say a new policy to better conserve numbers may be a factor for the latest estimate.

The commission this week said it requested the new analysis from Neustar, Inc., as it prepares for more hearings on the commission plan to split 814 into two area codes.

The plan approved in December had been criticized by some officials and businesses. The commission in January announced it would take another look at the potential area code change.

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