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Ayr Makes Donation To Parks & Rec

To be earmarked for support of swimming lessons at Great Cove
By Jean Snyder

Ayr Township supervisors agreed to donate to the Great Cove Golf Club’s swimming lessons program at their regular meeting last Monday evening. The supervisors made a decision to donate $1,000 after meeting with Paul Johnston during their meeting.

Golf club director Paul Johnston met with the supervisors in December of last year and outlined the financial situation for the club’s pool. Johnston then told the supervisors that it was unlikely that the club’s pool would open in 2011 due to the fact that they continue to lose money on the pool and the pool needs renovations. Johnston said the directors hate to close the pool since it is the only county facility that offers swimming lessons.

Johnston asked the supervisors to consider offering financial support to the club in order for the pool to remain open. He said that 250 youths took swimming lessons there in the past year. Johnston then went on to say that the club took in about $12,000 last year for pool lessons. He said that basically just pays for the lifeguards’ time, but does not pay for any maintenance on the pool. He said that with the age of the pool, it is going to need to be drained, sealed, painted and refilled in order to maintain it in future years. He said that $5,000 would need to be raised from the community in order to offer the lessons. At that time, the supervisors said that even though the pool is located in Ayr Township, they would feel more comfortable making a donation if they knew that other entities would be solicited for help.

On Monday evening, Johnston reported to the supervisors that he had contacted an additional 12 entities, including three other townships, the borough of Mc- Connellsburg, the American Legion, the local VFW and the Medical Center. He said that as a result of those contacts, he had raised $2,000 toward the $5,000 needed to open the pool. He reiterated his request to Ayr Township for a financial donation.

After discussion, Supervisor Chairman Sonny Harr asked solicitor Stanley J. Kerlin if he felt it would be legal for a township to donate to the private club. Kerlin responded that some entities were donating to the local Parks and Recreation Commission and the funds were then passed on to support the golf club’s swimming class program. Kerlin said he felt the supervisors should support the effort.

Harr said that he would vote for making a $1,000 onetime contribution. He said that he would not want to do it in future years, because he does not feel that it is the taxpayers’ responsibility to support the club.

On a unanimous vote, the supervisors agreed to donate $ 1,000 to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

In other regular business, the supervisors unanimously voted to adopt an amendment to their Septic Pumping Ordinance No. 07-20-2009 to delete the requirement that systems must be inspected upon the sale of the property.

The supervisors also reviewed a letter from Fulton County Library asking that the supervisors consider contributing an additional $1,000 to the library. The letter requesting the additional funding noted that 8,000 Fulton County residents have a library card, including 1,324 from Ayr Township. It was noted that this was more than from any other county municipality.

In 2010, the supervisors contributed $3,000 to library, an increase of $1,000 over previous commitments due to the library’s building project. In 2011, the township reverted back to contributing $2,000 annually. The supervisors voted against increasing the 2011 donation.

The township supervisors meet the last Monday of each month at the township building at 7:00 p.m.

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