2011-02-24 / Local & State

Animal Shelter Group Meets


Without having an established nonprofit animal shelter in the county, the newly formed animal shelter group has decided to focus on alternative ways to provide the best animal care at the present time.

First and foremost, a local man will be training to become an animal enforcement officer supporting Fulton County via Better Days Animal League. It would be very beneficial to have a second person certified as an enforcement officer in Fulton County, so if you are interested or know of someone who would be interested in learning more, please let us know.

Secondly, the possibility for our group to partner with existing nonprofit shelters in neighboring counties has been discussed. These facilities already provide animal services to our county, and our Fulton group will, in turn, offer manpower and financial support through thrift stores and fundraisers.

The Education/ Awareness Committee is developing an educational outreach program to reach children in area schools. A poster contest or photo contest is being considered as a way to convey the message of humane animal treatment to local children.

Other initiatives are establishing a spay and neuter program for cats, organizing a visit for a group of volunteers to experience dayto day operations at a shelter, and being active in the upcoming elections. It was suggested the group formulate a list of questions for candidates to learn of their views on various animal issues.

The group is also taking the necessary steps to become an organized, legal, nonprofit entity and will be voting on an official group name, electing officers and developing mission/vision statements. The next group meeting is scheduled for Monday March 7, 6:30 p.m., at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church basement.

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