2011-02-24 / Letters

Urges Motorists To Watch Out For Motorcycles

To The Editor:

Spring is hopefully around the corner and I just want to remind people that we motorcyclists are already out on the roads, and people need to be watching for us.

There are approximately 2 million motorcyclists in our country, with 250,000 of them on the road at any given time. People need to start being more aware and cautious on the highways as these numbers will grow with warmer weather. In November 2010, I was struck on my bike in McConnellsburg Borough. I was in the middle of making a right-hand turn, when I was hit by a car that was trying to pass me on the right in the middle of a busy intersection. I understand that not everyone understands hand signals, but the truth is that once a motorcyclist’s hand goes up, car drivers should take heed and stop, not just assume that they have the right to pass. Fewer accidents would happen if people took longer to stop, look and then proceed, whether it’s in an intersection or just pulling out onto the main road. Most bikers are hit because people state that they never saw them, so please slow down.

Life is too short to be always in a hurry. Look twice and save a life.

John Rasp


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