2011-02-10 / Local & State

Woman Sentenced For Drug Delivery

Lacie Washabaugh to complete four months in prison
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

A young McConnellsburg woman was ordered to jail time and immediately taken into custody by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday for transport to the Franklin County Prison on drug-related charges.

Fulton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Angela Rosenberry Krom told Lacie Ann Washabaugh she hoped she used her time in jail and at the Day Reporting Center (DRC) as a time to “get it together.” The judge went on to say the women’s two children were in need of a mother.

“Your short-term choices may have affected your long-term consequences,” added Judge Krom, who sentenced Washabaugh to between four and 23 months in jail in connection with her prior plea of guilty to delivery of a controlled substance. Washabaugh, 22, will be paroled after having completed the minimum sentence and will also participate in mandated activities at DRC.

Charges involving delivery and possession of a controlled substance were filed in early summer against Washabaugh in connection with an incident that occurred at a Cloverleaf Court, McConnellsburg, residence on April 6. Pennsylvania State Police from the Hollidaysburg barracks reported she sold $100 in crack cocaine to a confidential informant.

In providing the court with a time line of activities, Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall stated Washabaugh pled to the delivery charge on October 12 and her initial sentencing the following month was delayed so she could complete her participation in the DRC. Her ongoing treatment, according to Kendall, progressed to after care at the Day Center.

However, Washabaugh’s further participation was declined when she refused to submit a urine specimen to officials. Kendall concluded the area woman had a high chance of “recidivism” or a tendency to relapse.

Making reference to a recent incident in neighboring Franklin County where Washabaugh is accused of smashing a vehicle window with a metal snow shovel, Kendall stated Washabaugh is clearly a person at high risk who continues to get into criminal trouble. The newest incident, he added, gives him great concern about Washabaugh’s commitment to leading a law-abiding life and staying clean.

Giving no comment about the drug delivery case, Washabaugh did tell Krom she didn’t complete the DRC previously because she knew she was going to be sentenced to jail time. She said she wanted to spend as much time with her children as possible before being incarcerated.

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