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Frequent Storms, Lots of Plowing Prompts PennDOT To Remind Homeowners To Check Mailboxes

It’s been a busy winter for PennDOT with snowplows fast becoming a regular sight on area roads. But frequent snowplowing can lead to loose and possibly damaged mailboxes. For this reason, PennDOT reminds homeowners to be sure that their mailboxes can withstand the impact of snow thrown from a snowplow.

Normally, if a mailbox is properly supported and placed as far from the shoulder of the road as possible, but still within a mail carrier’s reach, then it should be able to withstand the force of snow being thrown from a snowplow.

Homeowners need to be sure that their mailbox has a strong support. Also, applying reflective tape makes mailboxes easier to see during winter storms and at night.

During winter storms, PennDOT and municipalities focus on removing snow from roadways which may result in mailboxes taking a beating. Homeowners should frequently check mailbox supports and remember to remove snow from in front of the mailbox, allowing easier access for mail deliveries. However, homeowners should never shovel snow onto the road.

PennDOT has plans available for a cantilevered mailbox support that will swing a mailbox out of harm’s way. A diagram is available by visiting the Ready for Winter Section on PennDOT’s Web site at www.dot.state.pa.us/Winter, then click on “Get Ready for Winter.”

Questions on a mailbox’s proper location along the roadway should be addressed by your local post office. Homeowners are reminded that they are responsible for mailbox damage caused by snow removal.

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