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Promise Of More Big Bucks Empty

To The Editor:

My lifelong passion has been whitetail hunting, a sport and heritage that many in this state share. From my observations and that of many other sportsmen, we have noticed a large decline with the deer herd population. It is the talk at local gathering places, work, etc. Those of you that think it is not a problem should go for a walk or scout on state game- or forestland. Try to see some deer or find some sign or check out some of the chat forums or Web sites on the Internet. A couple of the sites I would suggest would be www.acsl-pa.org or www.unifiedsportsmanpa.org.

I can assure you if you have not felt the pain or disappointment in your hunting area, you surely will in the near future unless the the Game Commission very drastically and quickly changes their position on doe tag allocations. Those of you that are aware and recognize the problem should also visit these sites. They are fighting for us all. You will find information and instructions on how you can help and let your voices be heard.

Gary Alt said here in Fulton County more and bigger bucks with a 25 percent temporary reduction in the deer herd. The impression I took from the seminar was there would be a larger number of legal bucks in the woods during hunting season.

Folks, it has been 10 years. More bucks? Bigger bucks, really? Twenty-five percent reduction in the deer herd? These are all questions we have to answer for ourselves. There is a lot of information on the Web sites that were mentioned earlier in this letter. If you value your deer hunting heritage and your Second Amendment rights, you should take the time to visit and investigate these sites. Find out for yourselves what is really happening and why.

In closing, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read my opinions and thoughts.

Jack Garlock


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