2011-02-10 / Letters

Jail A Symbol Of County’s Heritage

To The Editor:

If one were to list the historically significant buildings to Fulton County, the old jail would have to be second only to the courthouse. Now some may argue that the Fulton House or The McConnell residences are more historical or significant, but I used the qualifier “to Fulton County.”

Both the Fulton House and McConnell residences were a part of McConnellsburg long before Fulton County ever existed. Whereas, the courthouse and the old jail were actual requirements needed in order to establish our county.

In other countries, I have seen towns able to update their buildings to remain modern in function, while maintaining their historical charm and importance. I, for one, believe that the preservation of our past should be a greater factor than it currently appears to be in the decision maker’s eyes.

The claim that it is more economical to tear down and replace the jail than it is to remodel it ignores the real cost to our county, which is 143 years worth of county heritage.

Please, county commissioners, be good stewards of our county’s heritage.

William W. Smith


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