2011-02-10 / Letters

In Praise Of County’s Volunteer Firefighters

To The Editor:

Early Sunday morning at 2:30 we had to call 911 to report a fire at our house. An electrical wire had shorted out and caught the wall on fire between the bricks and the drywall. Engine 56 was here in no time at all. How you find that many firefighters at your house to put out a fire at 2:30 in the morning is sure something.

They put the fire out with the minimum amount of damage. They even laid a tarp down on the carpet to catch the ashes and as much water as they could to keep the water damage down. (I’m glad they used the crowbar to break the drywall instead of that bad-looking, big red axe). They made the wall bigger three times to keep the hole as small as they could. They put a tarp over the downstairs furnace to keep the water off it. In short, they did as much as they could to keep the damage to a minimum. And they were helpful with advice to what we could do and who to call. They advised us on better fire alarms; the ones we had did the job as they woke us up when the smoke started filling the house. Check your batteries! They even came back Sunday morning and treated the upstairs and downstairs with some type of stuff to take away the smoke odor. It helped a lot. And they were very courteous and helpful too.

Big city firefighters have nothing on Company 56 and Needmore fire department. Also Hustontown. We thank you firefighters for saving our house from something major that was reduced to a little. We should all be proud of our volunteer firefighters and give them what they need in donations, for whatever they need it for.

So we thank you for a job well done.

Roger and Sue Barnett


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