2011-02-10 / Letters

County’s Wasteful Spending Demands New Leadership

To The Editor:

We just cannot let things remain as they are. Fulton County needs a change in leadership. With this letter I encourage anyone considering running for county commissioner to please make your announcement and get your petitions circulating. Petitions must be circulated from February 15 to March 8.

In reference to last week’s commissioners news, I feel we really need it made known that petitions with several hundred signatures were presented to the board of commissioners to not take down the old jail some months ago.

Again, I like many others am appealing to the board to reconsider and not demolish the old jail.

Also, let it be known that I am not running for commissioner and am writing these letters to get the fine people of Fulton County to realize that the future of our county is in their hands.

There has been more money spent unwisely in the past two years than has ever been in the history of our county. This must stop. I served as county treasurer for 16 years and the county never had any long-term debt during that time.

Thank you and let’s all get to work to make our county an affordable place to live.

David R. Wright


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