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Endorses District Attorney

I note with pleasure in the January 13, 2011, “News” the announced candidacy of Mr. Travis Kendall for the office of district attorney.

I firmly believe that Mr. Kendall is precisely the caliber of candidate that Fulton County needs in all public offices.

In his private practice I witnessed Mr. Kendall’s professional attention to his clients’ needs; he was always well-armed with information and properly aggressive in his pursuit of his clients’ interests. Plainly speaking, his clients received good value for every good dollar spent.

In his role as district attorney, Fulton County residents receive comparably good value for their dollars spent. He brings not only sound legal skills and a commom sense approach to his duties, but a degree of professionalism that was formerly lacking. Upon discussing the office of district attorney with other Fulton County residents and attorneys, I find that they echo this sentiment.

Mr. Kendall enthusiastically donates his time and skills to National Rifle Association home defense classes that are held in Fulton County. His contributions are pro bono presentations concerning the use of deadly force by private citizens in defense of their homes. He invests time in discussing the legal aspects of the use of deadly force and its liability implications. His patience is boundless in answering the many questions from the class. Mr. Kendall often stays after his presentation to engage class members in discussion. He is, as demonstrated by his actions, truly interested in the citizens he serves.

He has also spent time out in the field with local law enforcement officers to see what life is like “in the trenches.” His advice and counsel are sought by officers because they have confidence in him and trust him.

Fulton County is fortunate to have District Attorney Kendall.

Keep him in office,
J. Michael Deluca
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