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80 Years Ago

From The Files Of February 12, 1931

Deaths: Robert Gordon of Cumberland County;

Mrs. Susan King, 92 of near Hustontown, the oldest resident of Taylor Township; Mrs. J. Campbell Patterson of Pittsburgh; Lunetta Worthing of Dublin Mills; Cloe Ola Fetters of near Hustontown; 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard H. Michael of Swissvale.

Ernest Fittery, about 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fittery, was struck by a car on Thursday as he was going home from the road school. Ellis Secrist, the driver of the car, blew the horn but the lad became confused and ran into the car. He was struck on the back of the head and an arm was injured. The head injury has caused an impairment of the vision, which it is hoped will be only temporary. Secrist, in trying to avoid the boy, ran into and broke off a telephone pole.

James Mellott of near Harrisonville lost his barn and most of the contents last Thursday when it burned to the ground.

The local Civic Club will stage “Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party” in the Fulton Theatre on February 19 for the benefit of the fire truck fund. Taking part will be Mrs. Glen Younker, Mrs. Jas. H. Kendall, Mrs. H.S. Alexander, Mrs. Ellis Lynch, Kenneth Spangler, Mrs. Frank Henry, Mrs. Harry Bivens, Mrs. Glenn R. Spangler, Miss Bess Patterson, Mrs. Russell Glazier, Mrs. Chas. R. Spangler, Mrs. William Byers, Mrs. Harry Grissinger, Mrs. Chas. B. Stevens, Mrs. W.H. Greathead, Mrs. Wm. J. Lowe, Mrs. Ralph Johnston and Mrs. Paul Evans.

Recent births: a daughter, Martha May, to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sowers of Webster Mills on January 4; a son to Mr. and Mr.s G. Dewey Truax of Big Cove Tannery on January 5; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Seth Henry of Clear Ridge on January 5; a daughter, Dixie Lee, to Mr. and Mrs. Ross Diehl of McConnellsburg on January 6; a son to Mr. and Mr. Charles Glenn of McConnellsburg on January 11; a son, Sydney Raker, to Game Protector and Mrs. Fred S.Fisher of McConnellsburg on January 13; a daughter, Dorothy Arlene, to Mr. and Mrs. John Alvin Steach of Ayr Township on January 14; a son, James Dunlap, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kendall of Ayr Township on January 7; a son, Donald Richard, to Mr. and Mrs. George P. Deshong of Ayr Township on January 22; a daughter, Edith Pauline, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Cutchall of Mc- Connellsburg on January 22; a son, Charles Wayne, to Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Chesnut of Mc- Connellsburg on January 31; a daughter, Bessie Louise, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Rouzer of Knobsville on January 23; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Keefer of Big Cove Tannery on February 9.

Mrs. Norman Cooper of McConnellsburg was taken to the Chambersburg Hospital on Tuesday.

Death: Charles Edward Patterson of Fannettsburg.

Charles Kenneth Gordon and Lois Kendall were married on February 11.

Born: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hendershot of Buck Valley.

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