2011-01-27 / Letters

Recollections Of Bellsnickling Wanted

To The Editor:

Recently I decided to write a few memories of events that happened during my growing up years in Fulton County near Harrisonville.

One of these memories that comes to mind happened every year between Christmas and New Year’s in the ‘40s and early ‘50s. It was called “bellsnickling.” I wonder how many people recall this? It was a great time of fun for local people who would dress up in costumes and visit neighbors in small groups or sometimes large groups. The folks who were visited always enjoyed and had a wonderful time guessing each costumed person. Many times we were treated to cookies and hot chocolate.

I wonder who may recall this and how many people have heard of it? It seems everywhere I have been, people have never heard of it.

I’d love to hear some stories from some who may have done this or remember this fun activity that was enjoyed by all.

My e-mail address is wls4156@yahoo.com or contact me at 920 Ambleside Dr. Suwanee, GA 30024.

Watson Swope

Suwanee, Ga

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