2011-01-27 / Letters

Fine Makes Light Of Pigs’ Deaths

To The Editor:

I am extremely disappointed with the recent decision regarding the deaths of more than 800 animals on a Fulton County farm. The punishment was not really a punishment, but merely a slap on the wrist. Over 800 pigs died because of a lack of responsibility, and the penalty was not sufficient enough to deter this act of cruelty from happening again. The lack of a penalty trivializes the lives of animals by allowing those who believe it is all right to neglect or harm animals to go unpunished. What can we do to ensure that this does not happen again? I believe it is our duty to protect those without a voice. We should treat all lives with respect. Those who show disregard for living creatures should be penalized to an extent that deters them from committing cruelty again.

Katy Sipes


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