2011-01-27 / Letters

An Appeal To The County Commissioners

To The Editor:

It is with utmost sincerity that I write this open letter to the county. I feel that the commissioners really need to take a few steps back and rethink the idea of taking down the old jail and building a new one. Yes, they have kept the taxes in line for the past few years; however, during my lifetime career as an accountant, I know this is coming to an end, and the tax burden that has been placed on our property owners will be overwhelming in a few years. We have many senior citizens who just can not absorb any more taxation.

The commissioners have already spent thousands of dollars renovating the old jail. I don’t know who the consultant is who would lead them to believe that it will cost more to do mold remediation and repair the rafters than it will cost to build a new building, but they are being led astray. I have renovated numerous buildings in downtown Mc- Connellsburg for a fraction of the cost of building new ones and those old buildings will be here when we are gone.

Wisdom tells us that with a good roof and firm foundation any building will last indefinitely. Personally, I feel the board of commissioners is made up of very nice people, but they really need to take the interest of our citizens into consideration and think before they make some of the decisions like the ones made recently.

I ask, why would the commissioners spend thousands of dollars on the old jail and then decide it was not worth reconditioning? Why didn’t the consultant discover the problem before the project went this far? Someone really needs to be overseeing the construction. Isn’t there a project manager on site watching over all the spending? I know when a school and commercial buildings are built there is a fulltime project manager on site at all times.

The commissioners really are letting us down and, yes, I see only two of them are up for reelection. I for one am not sure they are up to the job. No, I am not running for county commissioner as I would not know where to start to clean up this mess even with all my years of business experience.

Ronald L. Richards


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