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Former Tax Collector Requests Payment

SF board addresses future tax collection issues through new policy
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Having resigned from her position with Union Township for health reasons, a former tax collector made an appearance before the Southern Fulton School Board last week to inquire as to when she would be paid for her duties.

Terra Strait informed the board and administration she has submitted the necessary paperwork, but hasn’t received payment in approximately six months.

Strait pointed out that she still has an open account as a result of an outstanding check. The property owner in question, according to Strait, was issued a check after he overpaid his taxes for a hunting cabin owned in Buck Valley. The man has indicated he never received the check, but efforts were under way to speak with fellow owners to determine if one of them had picked up the check.

The board and administration told Strait she would be required to turn in a bank statement with a zero balance before her payment for services is issued. In addition, several board members urged the former tax collector to quicken the process by voiding the outstanding check and issuing a new check directly to the individual.

In regard to how much her payment will be for serving as tax collector for a short time, Strait was told whatever documentation she turned in showing the amount of taxes collected would directly reflect in her payment.

In related matters, the board took a first step to ensure the delinquent remission of township taxes and paperwork would not occur in the future. As a result, the board gave a nod of approval to the first of two readings for revised Policy 606 entitled Finances and Tax Collection.

The policy maintains township tax collectors must collect and remit all taxes to the district business manager Debbie Schetrompf with a report detailing the sources of tax revenues. In addition, “the tax collector must mail tax bills to every person appearing on the tax duplicate. Such notices shall be mailed to the last known post office address of each said taxable. Tax bills shall be mailed to the taxpayers on or before the billing date printed on the bill” and include a telephone number and office hours of the tax collector.

The policy goes into specific detail regarding maintaining reports and record keeping. The policy stipulates the tax collec- tor must remit all collections to the school business office no less than twice monthly (the 15th and 30th of each month). In the event a tax collector does not provide a statement with the reconciled reports within the mandated period, the district may impose a late filing fee. The fee was set at $20 for each day or part of a day, excluding weekends, for a maximum period of six days The fee drops to $10 for following days. The maximum late fee cannot exceed $250.

Under personnel, the board regretfully accepted the resignation of Darlene DeShong, who helped with the elementary boys and girls basketball programs. DeShong’s resignation is effective the conclusion of the current season.

Superintendent Kendra Trail indicated she did not have a replacement in mind for DeShong’s position, and she had not yet spoken with district athletic director Kent Hendershot regarding the matter.

Heather Kauffman was approved to serve in the capacity of assistant track coach as recommended to the board by the athletic director.

Pending the completion and submission of necessary paperwork, the board approved the following individuals to serve as substitutes during the 2010-11 school year:

 Joseph Mogus, substitute teacher

 Mallory Welsh, substitute teacher

 Lori Wible, substitute teacher

 Thomas King, substitute teacher

 Tiffany Schooley, substitute teacher aide and secretary

 Rose Gordon, substitute teacher aide

 Shonda Price, substitute teacher aide and secretary

 Paula Wertz, substitute secretary

 Jessica Hull, substitute secretary.

Amanda Schetrompf will be serving as a long-term substitute for Denise Conley beginning approximately February 7. Schetrompf is slated to receive a daily rate of $114 for her duties.

Anita Munson was appointed to fill Betty Feagley’s position of superintendent’s secretary and board secretary at an annual salary of $22,000. In conjunction, the job description for the position was revised to state the individual will be evaluated on a yearly basis by the superintendent.

Board member Dwight Bard was reappointed to a three-year term of office with the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit Board of Directors effective July 1, 2011.

Trail is slated to do a presentation at the Women’s Caucus in Hershey May 4-6.

The ninth-grade class will travel to McConnellsburg High School on January 26 to explore different programs offered by the Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School. The trip is funded by the vo-tech.

Warfordsburg Area Youth Soccer was granted permission to use any fields available at the high school between March 1 and June 1 and August 1 through October 31 between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Use of the fields will be scheduled by the athletic director in consultation with building and grounds manager Mike Shaw.

The board did not take action on an agenda item listed as “Accept/Deny Grievance #2010- 2011-01.”

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