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80 Years Ago

From The Files Of February 5, 1931

Deaths: Mrs. Wilson

Waltz of Belfast

Township; Mrs. Thomas Johnson of Mc- Connellsburg; Mrs. James H. McDonald of Greencastle.

At its recent meeting, the Fidelity Grange of Waterfall passed a resolution solidly endorsing the program of Governor Pinchot. The resolution reads, in part: “We believe that the success of these policies would be for the best interests of the taxpayers of our county and state.”

Mrs. Wishart Decker has been quite ill with an infected hand.

Mrs. W.R. Palmer of Needmore sustained a badly fractured arm in a fall last week.

Fourteen of the 16 pupils of Laurel Ridge School attended every day during January. They were Bruce Bivens, Mayford Brady, Melvin Brady, Frank Crouse, Oliver Crouse, William Cover, Glen Edwards, Harvey Edwards, Leon Edwards, Maxine Edwards, Nellie Everts, Marshall Humbert, Betty Lynch and John Lynch.

Lewis H. Wible, director of the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Agriculture since its organization, will file an application with the State Retirement Board for retirement with pension on February 28. Saturday was his 21st anniversary of service with the state agency. Mr. Wible has also been president of the Camp Hill National Bank since its inception and will devote his time to the growing business of that bank.

Two Democratic candidates have announced their candidacy for nomination at the coming election – R.M. Sipes for sheriff and R.B. Regi for county treasurer.

David Gladfelter of Waterfall has purchased a 160-acre dairy farm and a 40-acre orange grove near Sebring, Fla.

Guy Miller of Burnt Cabins believes that trouble doesn’t come singly. He has the hives, his son, John, split his toe while cutting wood and his sons, Simon and Leroy, have the measles.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rouzer of Knobsville announce the birth of a daughter on January 23.

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