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Tips For Modernizing Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is in need of repairs or you’re simply looking to create a more welcoming space, modernizing can be a fun and cost-effective experience.

With the right fixtures, you can create a space that’s environmentally healthy and safe.

Safety Counts

While most bathrooms have electrical outlets, many older homes haven’t been upgraded to include circuit breakers and switched outlets which prevent electrical appliances, like hair dryers, from overloading circuits and causing electrocution or fires. Given the dampness of most bathrooms, the first thing to consider is to make sure wiring is up to code and safe.

Homeowners should also consider the air quality within the bathroom as a potential safety hazard, especially since many homes have tight air envelopes, meaning air doesn’t circulate freely.

Mold and mildew are particularly bad for people with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. Fortunately, you can install a modern ventilation fan that inhibits growth of contaminants, such as Panasonic’s WhisperCeiling or Whisper- Lite, which circulate air extremely quietly – making them more likely to be used. And consider fans that come with a light and nightlight option for extra illumination in the bathroom, providing extra safety.

Clean and Beautiful

Consider both big and small items when beautifying your space, paying attention to materials that will keep it cleaner. From large pieces like countertops to soap and toothbrush holders, there are many options using modern materials that do double-duty.

Nowadays, one-piece sink and countertops, such as those made by Sonoma Stone or Zodiaq, not only provide a sleek look, but their continuous smooth surfaces are resistant to stains and mildew, making them easier to clean than traditional sinks.

Even outlet covers, switches and ventilation fans can be attractive, instead of eyesores. In addition to maintaining air quality and a quiet, serene environment, ventilation fans now come with decorative grills. The better models even inhibit mold and mildew, helping maintain your new look longer.

Powerful Savings

Modernize your shower head to conserve water without sacrificing comfort. Conserving water used to mean low-flow shower heads that were low on water pressure, making it difficult to wash out shampoo or relax tired muscles. You no longer have to choose. Many modern shower heads provide both low-flow and high-pressure settings.

The same goes for toilet bowls. Low-flow is now accompanied by new technologies, such as dual-flush options, that use varying amounts of water depending on what you’re flushing.

For energy savings, consider LED or fluorescent light bulbs. You even can save energy by selecting a bathroom ventilation fan that consumes less electricity than traditional ones. For example, Panasonic’s WhisperGreen is Energy Star rated and is 550 percent more energy efficient than Energy Star standards. Such choices will help you save on energy bills.

With just a few tips, you can create a bathroom that’s clean, sleek, healthy, safe and cost-effective. You can’t get more modern than that!

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