2011-01-20 / Local & State

Broken Lifts Repaired – Again – At Pa. Ski Slopes

PLUM, Pa. (AP) – The ski lifts at Boyce Park near Pittsburgh have been repaired again, after stranding about 100 skiers when the lifts malfunctioned twice in five days.

The lifts at the Allegheny County-owned park about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh first malfunctioned on Saturday and reopened Sunday. The lifts stopped working Wednesday evening, and had to repaired again Thursday.

Officials say both times the lift cable came off a guide wheel, apparently when it was jarred by a skier getting off a lift chair.

Philip LaMay, deputy director of the county’s public works department, says workers have consulted with the lift’s manufacturer to solve the problem.

Nobody was hurt either time the lifts broke down, though skiers had to be lowered to the ground using ropes.

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