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NVFC Top Award Goes To Terry Hann

Strait, Sigel, Willey and Black also honored

J.R Sigel J.R Sigel Calling it “the busiest year in the company’s history,” Needmore Volunteer Fire Co. members and their guests gathered at the fire hall on Saturday evening to honor their own for a job well done at the company’s 41st annual banquet.

The company recognized its 2011 lieutenant by naming Terry Hann as its 2010 “Fireman of the Year.” Hann was presented the award by last year’s winner, Randy Stahle, who called Hann “someone who is always ready to respond, who puts in a lot of work hours and who will soon be an EMT.” Hann, who resides in the Needmore area, joined the fire company in 2009 and was a top responder in 2010 with 98 calls.

Other awards

The company broke with tradition this year by giving the Herb Fischer Memorial/ President’s Award to two firemen. Comp a n y president Wavy Kirk told those in attendance that it was “too difficult

Denis Strait President’s Award Denis Strait President’s Award President’s Award to choose between the two” and presented awards to company Vice President and deputy chief, Denis Strait and to company Chief J.R. Sigel. She said, “They are both always there for me,” and she thanked them for all their assistance to her during the past year.

NVFC Fire Chief J.R. Sigel presented the Buzz Strait Memorial Chief’s Award to Hunter Willey, fire chief for the junior company. “Hunter’s always by my side and I appreciate all that he has done. He does anything that is asked of him, including cleaning, and he has a real dedication to this fire company,” Sigel said.

Roger Black was named the “EMS of the Year” and was presented the award by last year’s recipient, Stacy Barnhart. Black is a CNA, a first responder and is in the current EMT class.

Terry Hann (right) receives NVFC’s “Fireman of the Year” award from last year’s recipient, Randy Stahle. Terry Hann (right) receives NVFC’s “Fireman of the Year” award from last year’s recipient, Randy Stahle. Twenty-five-year membership awards were presented to Verla Hill, Jason McFadden and Denny Buterbaugh.

County Coroner Berley Souders presented a plaque to the fire company and commended it on making it through such a tragic year for serious and fatal accidents, especially in the southern end of the county.

Memorial service

A memorial service was held for Howard Fox, Cam Mellott (charter and lifetime member), Destiny Knable (junior fire company member) and Blair Truax (lifetime member), all of whom passed away in 2010.

President’s report

Company President Wavy Kirk discussed the year’s activities and reported that the company showed a slight decrease in fundraising and in bingo during the past year, but finished the year with about $40,000 in income over expenses.

NVFC Fire Chief J.R. Sigel, left, presents the Chief’s Award to Hunter Willey. NVFC Fire Chief J.R. Sigel, left, presents the Chief’s Award to Hunter Willey. She said that goals for next year include new windows in the office building, paving and repairs to the kitchen.

Kirk will serve again as company president in 2011. Denis Strait will serve as vice president, with Mary Hann as secretary, Betty Strait as assistant secretary, Carrie Harr as treasurer and Karen Hann as assistant treasurer. Ruby Barnhart will serve as chaplain and Lou Dennis will serve as her assistant, Donna Carbaugh as relief treasurer, Gerri Strait as assistant relief treasurer, Brian Strait as ambulance treasurer, and Buck Richards as assistant ambulance treasurer. The company directors are Mike Hann, Denis Strait, Donna Carbaugh, Scott Barton and J.R. Sigel.

Fire chief’s report

Fire Chief J.R. Sigel reported the company responded to 258 calls during 2010.

Ambulance Lt. Stacy Barnhart, left, presents the EMS of the Year award to Roger Black. Ambulance Lt. Stacy Barnhart, left, presents the EMS of the Year award to Roger Black. Calls included: 36 motor vehicle accidents, 20 structure fires, 10 chimney fires, 17 automatic alarms, 47 assists, 21 standbys, 30 public service calls, 8 vehicle fires, 25 brush fires and 45 miscellaneous calls.

Sigel said the company logged 4,053.5 man-hours and 993 equipment hours. There was an average of 11 responders on each call.

Sigel recognized the top-10 responders (with number of responses in parentheses): David Stotler (52), Bob Fleegle (56), Mike Hann (68), Justin Carbaugh (71), Scott Barton (76), Eddie Barnhart (79), Terry Hann (98), Wavy Kirk (118), Denis Strait (120), John Beatty (129) and J.R. Sigel (177). Five junior members, Justin Dias (20), Sandy Barnhart (29), Sandy Kirk (39), Bradley Carbaugh (86) and Hunter Willey (122), were also recognized for their responses to calls. It was also announced that each year a $200 savings bond will be awarded to a junior member in memory of Destiny Knable, a junior member who was killed in 2010 in an automobile accident. This year, the bond was awarded to Hunter Willey.

In 2011, J.R. Sigel will again lead the company as chief with Denis Strait as deputy chief, Mike Hann as 1st assistant chief, John Beatty 2nd assistant chief, Wavy Kirk as captain, Terry Hann as lieutenant, Eddie Barnhart as ambulance captain, and Stacy Barnhart as ambulance lieutenant.

Fire police report

Joanne Mellott gave the fire police report. Ronnie Powell will serve as fire police captain again in 2011, while Daryl Reed serves as lieutenant, Gerald Mellott as sergeant and Joanne Mellott as secretary. Other fire police include Lou Dennis, Jerry Mellott Sr., Norma Wertman and Sharon Mellott.

Auxiliary report

Carol Dennis presented a check for $500 to the company and reported that in 2010, the auxiliary also paid for a new ceiling, for trash removal and for heating oil.

Ambulance report

Eddie Barnhart reported that the ambulance made 307 runs on the emergency vehicles in 2010.

The company responded to calls in Belfast (74), Bethel (142), Thompson (32), Brush Creek 17), Union (18), Licking Creek (6), McConnellsburg Borough (5), Dublin (1), Taylor (1), Huntingdon (3), Paw Paw (2), Harrisburg (1), Hershey (1) and Washington County, Md. (4).

The top-10 responders for the year were Stacy Barnhart (200), Terry Hann (176), Eddie Barnhart (102), Lisa Fleegle (102), David Stotler (101), Wavy Kirk (89), J.R. Sigel (63), Bob Fleegle (52), Scott Barton (51) and Justin Carbaugh (35).

Barnhart reported that NVFC hosted its first-ever first responder and bridge class into EMT with a total of 13 people from the NVFC station passing the first responder course and seven finishing the bridge course. He also reported that the EMS also purchased a used Ford E350 ambulance in April.

Nearly 200 attended the annual banquet Saturday evening. Guests in attendance included members of surrounding fire companies as well as Fulton County commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, David R. Hoover and Craig C. Cutchall, Sheriff Keith Stains and county Coroner Berley Souders. Hoover served as master of ceremonies for the evening.

Saturday evening’s meal was prepared and served by Pittman’s Supermarket of Hancock, Md.

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