2011-01-13 / Church News

Cards Of Thanks


Wow, what a community of caring and loving people! I am fortunate to live here and be a part of it.

Thank you seems very inadequate for the outpouring of love and concern I enjoyed following a fall and broken hip.

Cards, phone calls, flowers, candy (for the Weight Watchers leader), cookies, reading material, visits and other gifts have been an experience of overwhelming love.

After surgery in the Chambersburg Hospital, I was transferred to FCMC (at my request). The good care here was/is outstanding. We are so blessed to have this facility in our county.

Everyone from the Mc- Connellsburg Ambulance Service, the EMTs, emergency room and nursing staff at FCMC, to the smiling faces of the housekeeping staff and the good food service; all are very special. Thank you each one, for your part in the healing experience.

Thanks, too, to Dr. Martin and her good care and the outstanding physical therapy department folks. You are the best!

Not the least is a very special thanks to my family and friends, especially Dorie, Kate and Jocelyn, who jumped into completing lots of unfinished tasks and working together to stabilize the home environment.

I am now home recuperating and looking forward to being out and about very soon.

God’s special blessings to each of you.

Helen Overly


In this manner I wish to thank all my friends and the wonderful people I have worked with during the past 10 years as Fulton County auditor.

I do not plan to seek reelection as a county auditor in 2011.Thank you for your support and may God richly bless you.

Phyllis J. Bard


Randy Ward is not only a great Fed-X delivery man but a “man of the hour” in an emergency! I call him my Christmas miracle.

December 16 I fell in the basement of my home, broke a hip and was unable to get up or get to a phone. The miracle started about 30 minutes after the fall when the door bell rang. I asked Freda to quick open the door, not knowing who was at the door, but I shouted I needed help. Happily it was the Fed-X man Randy, who took complete control from calling 911, to calling family, to making me comfortable with pillow and blanket, bandaging a needy arm, aiding the 911 team to get me up the stairs and even helped them put me into the ambulance.

All this at a time when Randy is the busiest with his job.

His arrival was a miracle. To add to that miracle is the fact that he usually does our route last, but this day decided at the last moment to do our route first. Now you know why I call him my Christmas miracle.

I am forever grateful to Randy Ward. If you see him, give him a high-five for me. Kudos also from his friends who know him as “ the Ranger”.

Helen Overly

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