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80 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 14, 1931


Deaths: Miss Elizabeth Gertrude Sloan of Mc-

Connellsburg; Ruth McFadden Harris of Mc-

Connellsburg; Mrs. Emma Troxell Bernhard of Bedford County; James C. McKee of near Amaranth; Dr. Tennyson L. Deavor of Syracuse, N.Y.

Ted Hamil and Donald Keefer miraculously escaped death on Sunday after the car in which they were riding ran into a telephone pole near Mercersburg. Hamil was thrown through the windshield and Keefer from the side of the car, but both escaped with bad cuts and bruises. The car, Hamil’s Chevrolet roadster, was wrapped around the pole.

One of Licking Creek’s successful sons, Dr. L. Watson Swope, Pittsburgh, has forwarded a check to that township’s school board to cover the cost of having electric lights installed in the Green Hill Consolidated School. Dr. Swope has made many other contributions to this school.

Born: a daughter, Susanne, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Eichelberger of Philadelphia on January 11.

A number of ladies met on January 13 and completed the formal organization of a Women’s Christian Temperance Union at Knobsville.

At the request of the governor-elect, $3,000 will be the maximum spent for the inauguration of Gifford Pinchot as governor of Pennsylvania on January 20.

Brady W. Truax and Lenora O’Rourk were married on November 3.

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