2011-01-06 / From Days Gone By

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 18, 1951


Five Fulton County professional men – Drs. Edgar

H. MacKinlay, Gerald T. Lorentz, Theodore Whitsel, Frank S. Alexander and Robert E. Riggs – have registered here in compliance with recent Selective Service directives.

An estimated 100,000 persons were in Harrisburg Tuesday to witness the inauguration of John S. Fine of Nanticoke as the 38th governor of Pennsylvania.

Peter Joseph Kosky Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Taylor were married on January 13.

Harvey H. Clevenger, former Fulton County Republican chairman and former member of the Legislature, died unexpectedly in the Carlisle Hospital on January 11. Mr. Clevenger suffered a heart attack at Newville while summoning an ambulance after a serious accident on the turnpike.

Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ormond Humbert Jr. of Webster Mills on January 13; a son to Mrs. Lela Jane Pittman of McConnellsburg on January 16.

The first “saddle block” anesthesia was successfully administered at Fulton County Medical Center last week. This is a new type of anesthesia used in obstetrics in which the mother remains awake during birth but is in no pain.

Three pet dogs perished in a blaze on Friday which destroyed a house four miles south of McConnellsburg. The home, tenanted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deavor, was owned by John Culler.

Deaths: Mrs. Cora Irene Ritchey; Solomon Valentine Fink of Crystal Spring.

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