2011-01-06 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Belated birthday wishes to Danyelle Dickinson, Matt Patterson, Naomi Diehl,

Jesse Roher,

Mark Whitsel,

Tom Cromwell, Isaiah

Newman, Roger Ramsey, Kirby Swope, Betty Ramsey and Erica Gahagan.

Birthday wishes this week to Scott Heaster, Ryan Fleck, Tiffany Williams, Norm Sipes, Kevin Mountz, Christian Hann, David Anderson, Kaylee Anderson, Betty Fleck, Ben Souders, Nick Brown, Heather Hilbert, Dorothy Patterson, Bonnie Watkins, Judy Roher and Krista Brown.

Get well wishes to Dick and Jessie Rhoades, John Gallaher, Junior Heaster, Jane Brown, Sharynn Book and Mary Mort.

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Freddie Steach.

Tom and Mamie Streightiff and Kristi and Jase Watkins were busy attending basketball games at Juniata College during Christmas break. Little Jase is in early training for basketball.

Tom and Mamie Streightiff visited with Stanley and Sue Hall on Monday evening to check out Stanley’s stash of presents.

Buzz and Bea Covert and John and Mary Mumma celebrated New Year’s Eve with dinner out.

Curt and Amy Patterson hosted Christmas dinner on Saturday for Ryan and Sean Patterson, Hilary Patterson, Corey Hearn, John and Charlotte Hodge, Denny and Karen Long, Bill, Mindy, Aaron and Brianna Henry, Katie Henry and friend Derrick, Mark and Sadie Long, Steve and Evelyn Grissinger, Tim Grissinger, Rick and Kelli Grissinger, and Theresa Besaw.

Holiday visitors >at the home of Tim and Shirley Henry were Don and Lib Brown, Cloyd and Barb Stains, Barb Frehn, and Steve and Karen Grissinger.

Gordon and Donna Locke hosted Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve for James Locke, Justin Locke, Adam, Amanda, Toryn, Cameron and Brayden Locke, Mark Ramsey, Irene Park, George and Heather Locke, Ruth Grissinger and Nora Grissinger.

Visiting recently with the Steve and Karen Grissinger family were Buzz and Bea Covert, Norm and Janet Sipes, Abby and Chloe, Neva Fleming, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Brent Carlson, Ramon Martin, Travis Madden and Donna Locke.

Steve, Terri and Tammy Grissinger and Ramon Martin attended candlelight service at the McConnellsburg Presbyterian Church on Christmas Eve with the Brent and Joan Carlson family.

Tim and Shirley Henry attended the Painter family Christmas party on Wednesday afternoon at the Painter AutoMart building at Allenport.

Andy and Tasha Goshorn and Shaine, Kean and Miah Goshorn hosted Christmas Day events at their home in Blairs Mills.

Tim and Shirley Henry attended the New Year’s Eve service at the Pentecostal Freedom Church in Orbisonia.

Tom and Mamie Streightiff held Christmas dinner for Jen Ramsey, Tim Streighitff, Dusty and Lucy Ramsey, and Kenny, Kristi and Jase Watkins.

John and Gayle Young hosted the Streightiff Christmas at their home on Christmas Eve. Joining in were Tom, Mamie and Tim Streightiff, Kenny, Kristi and Jase Watkins, Chuck and Polly Streightiff, Huldah and Betty Streightiff, and Katie Young.

Now that we’ve all enjoyed our holiday meals, it’s time to dust off the exercise equipment and put on the sneakers. Swimsuit season is just around the corner.

Mark your calendars for pesticide update trainings for 2011. Southern Huntingdon County High School will host their meeting on January 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. There will be pesticide update meetings held at the Huntingdon County Extension Office on February 1 from 7 to 9 p.m. and on February 10 from 1 to 3 p.m.

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