2010-12-30 / Local & State

New MHS Mascot

The McConnellsburg Spartans, with the help of the American Legion, Central Fulton PTSO and the McConnellsburg SADD, have a new student at Mc- Connellsburg – Spartacus. physiques and finicky taste buds. For example, Pedia- Lax Fiber Gummies are a delicious, dentist-approved daily fiber supplement designed to help kids, ages 2- 11, boost their fiber intake when they aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. Three gummies per day add 6 grams of fiber to a child’s daily diet, the equivalent of 21 spears of asparagus.

Something Fishy

If you don’t like fish but want the benefit of omega-3 acids, which are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and boost immune health, consider daily omega- 3 supplements. For kids, a healthy alternative is flaxseed, which can be sprinkled into cereal, oatmeal or yogurt.

Each person’s health and nutritional needs are different, so consult a healthcare professional before adding supplements to your family’s diet.

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