2010-12-30 / Local & State

Jury List Announced

The following names of prospective jurors were drawn by the president judge and jury commissioners on December 13, 2010, for the January 2, 2011, court session. All prospective jurors need to report to the courthouse by 9:00 a.m. on January 24, 2011. Althea Anderson,

McConnellsburg Judith Ansell, Fort Littleton Tracey Ashman,

Harrisonville Debbie Bard, Warfordsburg Lee Bennett, Wells Tannery Betty Bishop, Warfordsburg Ralph Bivens, Big Cove Tannery Steven Bogle, Warfordsburg Mark Bradshaw, Needmore David Brown, Hustontown John Buterbaugh,

McConnellsburg Tammy Carbaugh, Hustontown Gerald Chalupka, Warfordsburg Ruby Chapin, McConnellsburg Jenny Clippinger, Fort Littleton Freda Cromer, McConnellsburg Megan Curfman, Hustontown Lori Dellinger, Big Cove Tannery Linda Deshong,

McConnellsburg Melody Deshong,

Fort Littleton Olive Deshong,

Big Cove Tannery Carl Detwiler, Hustontown Albert Doyle, McConnellsburg H. Lyle Duffey, Big Cove Tannery Donald Duncan,

McConnellsburg Inez Eddy, McConnellsburg Ralph Everhart, Hustontown Stanley Fetters,

McConnellsburg Gary Fischer, Warfordsburg Wendy Fox, Warfordsburg Cindy Fraker, Fort Littleton Yvonne Garland,

McConnellsburg Jeremy Garlock,

McConnellsburg Victor Gavin, Warfordsburg Trudy Gelvin, Hustontown Michael Gibson,

Crystal Spring Cynthia Gibson,

McConnellsburg Christopher Gregory,

Big Cove Tannery Kristie Gregory,

Big Cove Tannery Jerry Hale, McConnellsburg Ann Harvey, McConnellsburg Dean Headley, McConnellsburg April Hiller, Warfordsburg J. Mark Horst, Harrisonville Charles Howells,

McConnellsburg Henry Hufham, Warfordsburg James Ingram, McConnellsburg Carl Johnston, McConnellsburg Marcia Keebaugh,

Big Cove Tannery Joan Kendall, McConnellsburg Warren Kerlin, McConnellsburg Walter Lane, McConnellsburg Robert Layton, Warfordsburg Sherry Lemon, Needmore Donna Lerch, Warfordsburg Lois Linke, McConnellsburg Cindy Lynch, McConnellsburg George Lynn, Waterfall Harold Mackey,

Crystal Spring Rosemary Martz,

Hustontown James McFadden, Needmore Karen McQuade,

McConnellsburg Alicia Mellott, McConnellsburg Beth Mellott, Fort Littleton Carole Mellott, McConnellsburg Glenda Mellott, Harrisonville Lois Mellott, Warfordsburg Marion Mellott, Warfordsburg Monica Mellott, Hustontown Joseph Mellott, McConnellsurg Stacy Mellott, Wells Tannery Ilse Meyer, Mercersburg Michele Miller, Big Cove Tannery Gloria Morton, Needmore Daniel Mumma,

McConnellsburg John Neville, Wells Tannery Betty Oakman, Harrisonville Dale Palmer, Warfordsburg Lonnie Palmer, Warfordsburg Tinna Patton, McConnellsburg Alvin Peck, McConnellsburg Tara Peffer, Wells Tannery Debra Peterson, McConnellsburg Derrick Petty-John,

McConnellsburg James Pittman,

Big Cove Tannery Gerald Reed, McConnellsburg Larry Remsburg,

McConnellsburg Huston Richards,

McConnellsburg John Ritz, Warfordsburg Mary Rivera, Warfordsburg Sandra Rouzer,

Big Cove Tannery Helen Rumble, Warfordsburg David Schultz, Warfordsburg Jeffrey Seville, Big Cove Tannery Rebecca Shaffer,

McConnellsburg Lillian Sheeder, Robertsdale Kathi Shreve, McConnellsburg Diane Sipes, McConnellsburg Jessica Sipes, McConnellsburg Dean Snyder, McConnellsburg Sharon Stanley, Needmore Lowell Stephens,

Crystal Spring Shirley Stotler, Warfordsburg Alice Strait, McConnellsburg Billie Strait, McConnellsburg Kimberly Swisher,

Harrisonville Norman Swope, Wells Tannery Tyla Swope, McConnellsburg Raymond Truax, Warfordsburg Vickie Truax, Needmore Mindy Ulsh, McConnellsburg Peggy Voegel, Hustontown Greg Walters, Big Cove Tannery Catherine Washbaugh,

McConnellsburg Kevin Welch, Needmore Donald Whiteside, Warfordsburg Albert Wible, Hustontown Lois Willman, McConnellsburg Patricia Wright, Needmore Charlotte Younker, Mercersburg

Prospective jurors recalled for January 24 court

Kevin Bricker, Wells Tannery Walter DeSong, Needmore Jane Doney, Hustontown Ed Gracey, McConnellsburg Donald Haines Jr., Warfordsburg Carol Kelso, Harrisonville Jared Peck, Wells Tannery William Reitober, Needmore Christopher Seymore,

Three Springs James Smith, McConnellsburg G. David Sowers,

McConnellsburg Jeffrey Winter, Wells Tannery

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