2010-12-30 / Letters

County Government Gets No “Kudos’’

To The Editor:

After reading my friend’s letter in last week’s paper praising the borough for its good management, my immediate thought was “I wish I could say the same for our county government.”

I served 16 years as Fulton County treasurer and that board of commissioners never incurred any long-term debt. Has anyone other than myself noticed all the unbudgeted overrun costs being paid every month? Where is this money coming form to pay all these? Also, I hope everyone will enjoy the multi-million dollar parking lot. It is rumored that the scaffolding is costing several thousand dollars a month.

I feel it would have been much more cost-effective to have had a crane remove the clock and rebuild the tower and replace it by crane. There is talk now that the sheriff’s office is now moving across the street, and the jail may have to be torn down and rebuilt as there may be a serious structure issue.

With all the money that is being spent and the county having less office space now as they did before just does not make sense to me.

What is the issue with the old IGA building that they cannot see the financial savings in buying that property? They already rent several units in that building and there is several vacant units remaining.

My friend, the late Ray Koontz, had offered that building to them for $100,000 less than the current appraisal before his passing. At the time Mr. Swain’s statement was, “we want to keep all our offices on one side of the street.” Not even Chambersburg has that issue. They have offices everywhere.

I feel we really need to take a serious look at the county budget and make the current board of commissioners accountable. We have a couple of retired school teachers (very nice guys) serving on the board that I personally don’t feel have the business background to manage our budget. They are also brothers-in-law and to be independent in making a decision they will most likely side with one another.

With the announcement that Bonnie Keefer is not running, I really have concerns that the county government will really need a special individual to take her place.

We, as concerned citizens, really need to seek out some well-qualified people to take this wonderful county into the future.

Thank you and I pray for our future as this is a wonderful place to live.

David R. Wright


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