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Easy Updates That Make Your Home Unique

Tired of cookie-cutter decor from the mall? Looking for ways to brighten up your home without doing major remodeling?

Why not add a signature piece to every room that reflects your own unique style? Signature pieces are often works of art that serve as focal points for the room, a hallmark of your taste and good sense to invest in your home.

Here are some room-byroom ideas to get you started:


Many people invest in a fancy headboard not realizing the actual focal point of many bedrooms is the bedding, which establishes the color palette and mood for the room. Draping your bed in a designer duvet can make your bedroom a den of decadence. Look for one in luxurious fabrics, such as silk, or with unique patterns such as paisley or geometric shapes.

The added bonus is that you can mask an ugly but cozy comforter, creating an aura of luxury and comfort. If you really want to indulge your senses, spring for quality sheets with a high-thread count — 1000 is nice, but 500 will suffice.


The kitchen is the heart of every home, the engine room that keeps your family running, so it makes sense to turn it into a warm, inspiring space. Adding a high-quality designer range will not only brighten any kitchen, it will serve as a stylish accent piece. Bertazzoni, maker of authentic Italian kitchen appliances, offers a variety of ranges that combine an elegant look with innovative technology.

“Our fifth generation family business combines timeless Italian design with quality engineering to create a line of kitchen appliances that are a focal point of any kitchen,” says Paolo Bertazzoni. “Our cooking technology allows homeowners who share a passion for food, to create gourmet dishes that bring family and friends together.”

You can window-shop their creations at bertazzoniitalia. com.

Living Room

Original art is a great conversation piece when placed in the living room. Just make sure, whether the piece is avante garde or something more traditional, that you like what you buy — you’ll be looking at it every day.

If you’re going for a whole new look, then buy art with varied colors – some that match your old decor and some that go with the new look you’re trying to establish. Then you can add unique pillows and throws from a local flea market to create character and style.

Family Room

Every family room has a TV, but you’re looking for some originality. Why not try placing a gaming table in the middle of the room, like those for pool or ping pong? Even a small table set up for backgammon will be a conversation starter.

Of course, you can always go in the other direction and turn the family room into a “media room”. The obvious centerpiece here is the television, but a beautiful console can hide unsightly wires. Maybe even consider an armoire that allows you to hide the TV behind closed doors when not in use.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when creating a home with character and style. Just one fabulous piece per room can help cre- ate a whole new look for your entire home.

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