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In memory of Phillip R. Seville, who passed away December 22, 1990:

Where has time gone? It is hard to believe that you have been gone away from us for 20 years, Phil. Even though so many years separate us, how much we miss you never changes. Our memories of you keep you with us always in our hearts. You were loved by so many friends and family and missed.

Instead of writing a poem to tell how much we miss you, I am going to share a memory to let all know about the Phil we love and remember.

One of the funniest memories I have (which I have lots) is when we first moved to Fort Littleton from Mc- Connellsburg. Phillip wanted the bedroom at the end of the hall at the back of the house, so that is the one he got.The first night in the new house, we all went to bed and a few minutes later Phillip comes up the hall yelling that he heard something out the window. Now, coming from a town (McConnellsburg) you mostly heard cars or dogs barking, but out in the country it is pretty quiet, so when you hear something you never heard before, well, it scares you and Phil was scared to death. So my daddy checked it out and here it was an owl. So it was only an owl that scared a “big tuff” high schooler. I could go on and on ... .

If you have any memories of Phillip that you would like to share we would love to hear them. Please e-mail them to me at mikesellers@ comcast.net. We miss you, Phil, but we know we will see you again some day, but for now we know you are with your Father in heaven and also reunited with our parents. Love you!

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