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MVFC Bears No Part In Mailbox Placement

To The Editor:

The mailbox is missing again on Maple Street in front of the fire station. This time it was the fault of one of our firemen who was responding to the station for a fire call. It had snowed the night before and the parking lot had gotten a little slick. Yes, he may have been going a little bit too fast but accidents happen.

The firefighter decided to proceed on to the call in one of the fire engines because someone was in need of help. Once the fire department arrived on the scene within 15 minutes we called back to the station to have the on-duty medic report the accident to the post office and that someone would be there to take care of the incident. At that time we were advised that the state police had been called and were en route to the station.

Once we got back from helping someone in need of our services, the trooper met with us. He was very cooperative and very understanding about the situation. The firefighter was charged with some traffic violations but was not charged with hit-and-run.

While all this was taking place, I assured the postmaster that the fire company would accept responsibility for the accident, but all I got was an attitude. She wanted hit-and-run charges filed and said the firefighter used poor judgement. I tend to disagree with that but opinions are not the issue here.

This is not the first time there has been damage to the box. It has been hit twice since being placed in front of the fire station in a location also considered a fire lane. The biggest concern here is with constant traffic crossing over into the opposite lane. There have been a few fenderbenders and several close calls. Also, when there is a call, the vehicles are then a hazard to the responders, causing a safety problem.

Then there is the sidewalk that is full of holes from the lag bolts that have been drilled and that will cause the concrete to crack even more. The fire company has been patient with the post office. The regular employees are always very friendly, but anytime this has been discussed with the post master – there have been two of them since this has been an issue – all they will say is they can put the box where they want to.

This letter has been written with regard to any stories that may have resulted from the photo that was placed inside the post office and to the fire department car that was parked on the sidewalk where the box had been located, along with any remarks made by any parties involved. The board of directors of the fire company has met and would like to issue a statement to the public that the fire company has no responsibility in where the box is located. If in fact it is put back on Maple Street, it will be the judgement of the post master. Pete Lynch

MVFC Fire Chief

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