2010-12-23 / Letters

Kudos To Borough Council

To The Editor:

After reading last week’s news items that the borough was not going to increase our taxes for another year, I just felt that I had to write an open letter and congratulate them.

I was one person who really thought doing away with our police department was going to be a mistake. However, I must now admit it seems that they made the right decision. I still feel badly for the two policemen who lost their jobs, as they certainly did do a good job for the town.

Our Borough Council certainly seems to have compassion for us, the property owners. Their frugal management of the taxpayers’ money is certainly appreciated by this taxpayer. Also, I want to commend them for giving Jack Fields a wage increase. In my opinion, the borough will look long and hard to ever find an employee more loyal, hardworking and dedicated than Jack Fields. His kind are few and far between.

Again, many thanks and keep up the good work.

Ronald L. Richards


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