2010-12-09 / Front Page

Boro Council Gives Final Approval On 2011 Budget

No tax increase

McConnellsburg Borough Council gave final approval to a 2011 budget last Wednesday evening that calls for no tax increases and holds the line on spending.

Council members made only minor changes in the budget as compared to last month’s proposed budget. Taxes will remain at 5 mills on real estate, 20 mills occupation tax and a $5 per capita tax. Earned income or wage tax will remain at one-half of 1 percent. Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution setting the tax rates.

The budget calls for expenditures of $273,510 to be offset by $401,988 in revenue. By comparison, total expenditures for 2010 are estimated to be $404,429. The decrease is largely the result of a reduction in the amount of funds required to be paid into the police pension fund in 2010. Council expects to end 2011 with a balance of $128,478.

The budget reflects general government expenditures of $119,324; protection of persons and property is estimated to be $30,054; fire and water contributions are set at $18,316; and highway expenditures are estimated at $105,816.

Council expects to collect $133,676 in real estate, occupation and per-capita taxes; $91,437 in investment income; and $133,576 from miscellaneous sources, including wage tax, real estate transfer taxes and a cable franchise commission.

During its meeting, council held a 10-minute executive session for personnel reasons, and, at its conclusion, announced a $1,300 raise for borough secretary/ treasurer Jack Fields. The raise, the first in many years, brings his total salary to $27,300.

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