2010-12-02 / Local & State

Research Coyote At Erie Park Killed By Vehicle

ERIE, Pa. (AP) – A documentary filmmaker says a coyote fitted with a tracking collar for research on the animals at Presque Isle State Park in Erie has been killed by a vehicle.

Tracy Graziano says her film is on hold for lack of funding. Graziano was filming the coyote and another collared by a student researcher at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. A female coyote wearing a collar was killed in March by a hunter.

The male killed by the vehicle had been collared in February 2009. Carrie Duafala, the student researcher, tells the Erie Times-News she had already gathered enough data to learn things about the animal.

Among other things, she determined that coyotes living in the state park did rely on scavenging for human garbage, but primarily lived on rabbits they were able to kill.

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