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County Extends Ag reement With FIDA

Commissioners meet Nov. 16, 23
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The Fulton County commissioners convened on Tuesday, November 16 and 23, to attend to a variety of business ranging from the extension of an existing agreement with Fulton Industrial Development Association to renewing a contract with Cumberland County for 911 dispatching services.

Commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer, David Hoover II and Craig Cutchall kicked off their November 23 meeting with Fulton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard Walsh. Walsh introduced the commissioners to newly hired court administrator Mark Singer, who began his duties on November 15. Walsh went on to discuss the construction in the courtroom and expressed his pleasure with the renovations.

Debra Jones met with the commissioners concerning a lien on the Geraldine Davis Estate. Jones was accompanied by Theresa Jefferson.

On a motion by Commissioner Hoover, the commissioners authorized Chairman Keefer to complete an agreement between the county and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank. The agreement totals $215,000 with an interest rate of 1.625 percent. The amount is repayable in 10 annual payments and represents the county’s share of the Route 16 turning lane project in front of JLG Industries.

Chief tax assessor Michelle Sowers discussed with the commissioners how the value of the businesses currently located in the Keystone Opportunity Zone will be determined. The buildings will lose their tax-free status beginning in 2011. It was noted Tom Donahue will be working with Sowers and the assessment office to place a value on the properties.

Following a meeting with technology director Eldon Martin, the commissioners executed a “Gold Package” maintenance agreement with Tele-Plus in the amount of $5,636.79. Martin also reviewed the current disposal of old telephones and questioned what should be done with fiber that is mounted in Annex 2 building when the structure is taken down.

The commissioners agreed to extend the term of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fulton Industrial Development Association. The agreement allows for county personnel to temporarily staff the FIDA for a 180-day period beginning January 1.

County project developer Karen Hann reported a total of three individuals attended a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) meeting on November 22. In other CDBG-related matters, Hann noted the commissioners have been personally invited for a walk-through of the completed project at the Fulton County Food Basket on December 2. The project consisted of handicapped parking and stormwater management.

A six-month extension was signed by Keefer for the highway occupancy permit along Route 522 in connection with the county’s renovation project.

A quote totalling $5,301 as submitted by TMS Excavating LLL was accepted in order for a sewerline lateral for the Neighborhood Service Center building to be replaced.

Commissioner Cutchall was appointed to serve as the county representative on the Fulton County Conservation District Board of Directors for next year.

At-large board members approved for the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission Executive Committee for 2011 are Dan Brogdon, of Curryville; Jay Cessna, Bedford; Sharon Clapper, Meyersdale; James Lakso, Huntingdon; and Heather Meck of Altoona.

On November 16, the board learned of the resignation of Lindsey Lininger, a caseworker for Services for Children. Lininger’s resignation was effective November 19.

The commissioners viewed six new videos currently found on the county’s Web site. The videos were prepared at no cost to the county by CGI Communications from Rochester, N.Y., which will in turn attempt to obtain sponsorships from local businesses and organizations.

The commissioners wrapped up their meeting by entering into a five-year contract for Cumberland County to provide 911 calltaking and dispatching services to Fulton County. The contract begins January 1 and will conclude December 31, 2016.

EMA/911 co-ordinator Vince Joyce shared with the “News” that the the overall cost for 2011 will be $200,614.86 and includes the prorated share of operating expenses based on the number of calls made from Fulton County. A further breakdown of expenses shows salary and benefits for two dispatchers coming in at $139,639.79 and operating expenses at $60,975.07. All costs in 2011 are payable from 911 accounts and won’t result in any additional costs to local taxpayers, Joyce concluded.

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