2010-12-02 / Letters

No Excuse For Crimes Against Innocent Animals

To The Editor:

Our little boy died on November 6, 2010, not from old age or an accident, but by the hands of a cruel, malicious individual who deliberately shot him. As you are reading this, some of you may be wondering who got shot. Well, it was our kitty. Some may say, “Oh, it’s only a cat,” but he was our friend, our baby, a family member and his name was “Ody.” He wasn’t hurting anyone; he liked to be outside to catch mice and ground moles and quite often brought them to us as presents. He actually spent most of his time inside our home and always met us at the door when we came home.

To the disturbing individual who committed this crime: We have always tried to be good neighbors to everyone around us, so what did we do to you that you could deliberately kill our Ody? Did this make you a bigger or better person after shooting a small, defenseless kitty? Are you much happier? I want you to think about this act you committed and then think about how sad and heartbroken you are when someone you love dies. We always thought we had good neighbors, but now we wonder. Will we be the next to be shot?

I have heard and read in the news of other dogs and cats being killed in our county. There is no excuse for this happening. This is simply animal cruelty and should not be allowed to continue. This crime has been turned over to the state police to investigate. Maybe if this despicable individual was prosecuted and made public, people would think twice before committing a crime against innocent animals here in Fulton County.

Joyce C. Mellott Earl R. Carbaugh

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