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20 Years Ago
From The Files Of November 29, 1990
’90 The outside thermometer at The First National Bank on Monday registered 74 degrees at noon. Could this be a record high for November in these parts?

This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by John Hann of McConnellsburg, was taken at the Corner School in Big Cove Tannery circa 1940. Back row, left to right: Cleo Hann Younker, Louise Fix Fittery, Mildred Keefer Seville, Lois Hann Leevy, Mary Stansbury, Hazel Harr, Mervin Harr, Edgar Keefer; front row, left to right: Lauretta Stansbury, Melvin Harr, Clara Ella Harr Hedrick, Ruth Fix Carbaugh, Warren Pittman, Eugene Hann, Mary Harr Clever and Elmer Hann. Teacher Margaret Seiders took the picture.  This week’s Memory Jogger, submitted by John Hann of McConnellsburg, was taken at the Corner School in Big Cove Tannery circa 1940. Back row, left to right: Cleo Hann Younker, Louise Fix Fittery, Mildred Keefer Seville, Lois Hann Leevy, Mary Stansbury, Hazel Harr, Mervin Harr, Edgar Keefer; front row, left to right: Lauretta Stansbury, Melvin Harr, Clara Ella Harr Hedrick, Ruth Fix Carbaugh, Warren Pittman, Eugene Hann, Mary Harr Clever and Elmer Hann. Teacher Margaret Seiders took the picture. A Warfordsburg area man apparently died instantly in a one-vehicle accident along Route 484 in Union Township which was not discovered until several hours after it occurred early last Thursday, November 22. Police said that Curtis Eugene Smith, Warfordsburg, apparently fell asleep at the wheel while traveling west in the village of Lashley last Thursday.

As the annual Christmas tree is erected by the Women of Today, the long-standing trees surrounding the courthouse were trimmed this week in preparation for their eventual complete removal from the town square area.

Hunting pressure was strong in the morning Monday but trailed off into the afternoon, as area hunters lamented the warm, dry weather on the opening day of antlered deer season November 26.

Jeremy Fletcher, 13, son of Bryan and Debbie Fletcher, killed his first buck, an 8-point, Monday morning.

Area men hunting in Sullivan County November 19 bagged three bears, one weighing in at 228 pounds and the other two at about 100 pounds each. They were Kevin Strait of Fort Littleton; Clair Slates of Fort Littleton; and James Bradley of Mercersburg.

Deaths: Dr. J. Frank Alexander, retired dentist and community leader, McConnellsburg; Calvin Wolfe Sr., Mercersburg; Jessie J. Atherton, Mercersburg; Ervin E. Hockenberry, St. Thomas; Curtis Smith, Warfordsburg; Martin Mowen, McConnellsburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Barry Cline of Mercersburg on November 19; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Berkstresser of Hustontown on November 21.
30 Years Ago
From The Files Of November 27, 1980
’80 A Logansport, Ind., truck driver was trapped for nearly three hours in the cab of the truck tractor and semitrailer he was driving when it wrecked on Monday at 12:15 on Sideling Hill, five miles west of Harrisonville. The McConnellsburg Firemen’s Rescue Unit, using the Jaw of Life, a hydraulic rescue tool, and two wreckers from Fisher’s Service Station worked for nearly three hours on the mangled metal of what was left of the cab body which trapped the driver in the demolished rig, parts of which were scattered over a wide area. An emergency medical team of Dr. Lorentz and three nurses administered sedation and intravenous fluids to the injured man during his ordeal. Following his release he was rushed to the Medical Center and transferred immediately to the intensive care unit of the Washington County Hospital. Police reported that the rig, loaded with jars of maraschino cherries, was travelling east at a high rate of speed and failed to negotiate a sharp right curve. The rig ran off the road on the north berm, knocking down several guard posts and continued into the front yard of the Wallace Mellott property, knocking down several trees. It struck the west side of the home, where the tractor came to rest. There was extensive damage to the west side of the home. The trailer disintegrated and scattered cargo over the Mellott property and even into the basement and living room of the house. The tractor and cab were a mesh of tangled metal, and the first person on the scene was amazed to hear the driver’s call for help coming from beneath the wreckage.

Specials at the IGA: Cool Whip, 79 cents; turkeys, 79 cents; ring bologna, $1.69 lb.; Downy fabric softener, $1.79.

Birth at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Peck of McConnellsburg on November 17.

Deaths: Charles I. Abbott, McConnellsburg; Jesse Willey, Great Cacapon, W.Va.; Ellis T. Ford, Saltillo; Gilbert Everetts, McConnellsburg.

Kimberly Alice Hess of Fort Littleton became the bride of David Roy Kline of Harrisonville in a ceremony performed in the Knobsville Methodist Church on October 11. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hess of Fort Littleton and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kline of Harrisonville.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Deshong of Harrisonville recently celebrated their 36th anniversary.

Marriage licenses: Robert Hixon, Hancock, and Debra Decker, Warfordsburg; Gordon Locke and Donna Grissinger, both of Orbisonia.
40 Years Ago
From The Files Of December 10, 1970
’70 A two-story frame home of Mrs. Lola Zellers in Wells Tannery was completely destroyed by fire at 2:30 a.m. last Thursday and, although fire companies from Hustontown, Saxton and Breezewood responded to the alarm, they were unable to save the property or any of the contents. Mrs. Zellers, a widow who lives alone, was awakened by the smell of smoke and managed to escape from the burning home, clad only in her nightgown and slippers. Firemen were able to contain the flames which could have spread to a trailer home of Mrs. Melvin Beegle, a sister of Mrs. Zellers, which is located only 50 yards away on the west side. The fire is believed to have been caused by a defective flue from a coal and wood heating stove, which Mrs. Zellers had stoked a few hours earlier.

William Reed Shives, 18, of Big Cove Tannery, had the distinction of being the first young voter last Thursday to register under the new federal law.

The two-story frame home of Jacob Hauman, located on the Mountian Road near Harrisonville, was saved from destruction by fire on Tuesday afternoon of this week due to the prompt response from McConnellsburg and Hustontown Fire companies. Mr. Hauman, who is over 90 years of age; his invalid daughter, Mrs. Olive Shives; and his son, Earl, were all at home at the time, but were unaware that the house was on fire. The fire is believed to have started around an overheated chimney.

A St. Thomas man was charged with assault with intent to kill and additional charges of aggravated assault and battery and pointing a deadly weapon following a shooting incident at the Scrub Ridge Mountain Inn. The victim of the shooting was identified as Roy Herbert Kline, 46, of Harrisonville, employed as a bartender and residing at the inn. Kline was allegedly shot in the left forearm, with the bullet entering above the wrist. He was released form the hospital on Monday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilmer Sipes will observe their 50th anniversary on Sunday, December 20.

Mr. and Mrs. Thad Winegardner of Fort Littleton will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on December 19.

Paul Duane Hershey and Gary J. Hershey are presently serving in the armed forces overseas. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Hershey of Harrisonville and both attended the Forbes Road School.

Deaths: Albert Peck, Florida; Mrs. Bonnie Mellott, Six Mile Run; Margaret Barnhart, Sykesville, Md.; Harvey Grissinger, Maddensville; Olive Grissinger, Mount Union.

Births: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jean Remsburg of Breezewood on November 28; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Myers of Greencastle on November 28; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Garland of Big Cove Tannery on November 30; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Peterson of Shade Gap on December 3.

The Fairview Community Building near Hustontown was the setting on Sunday, October 25, for the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shotts Sr.
50 Years Ago
From The Files Of December 15, 1960
’60 Preliminary plans for changing Route 30 to bypass McConnellsburg have been completed, according to Park Martin, state secretary of highways, who was in McConnellsburg last Friday to explain the new route.

The board of directors of The Fulton County Bank has passed a resolution to increase the capital of the bank from $200,000 to $250,000 by splitting the present shares of stock, which have a $50 par value, four to one, and setting the par value at $12.50 a share.

The Fulton Chamber of Commerce, with donations from businessmen and civic organizations, has contracted with J.J. Alleman Electric Co. of Greencastle for 18 strings of Christmas lights to decorate the town at a cost of $1,000 plus $40 sales tax which includes putting them up and taking them down and storage.

A magnificent 8-point buck made of a deer hide tacked around a frame of two-by-sixes and stuffed with rags and propped up in Nhyle Bivens’ field, has fooled a number of hunters judging by the bullet-riddled hide. Marvin Peck admits to putting it there “just for the heck of it.”

The marriage of Carol Sandra Cooper of Hancock and William Ralph Miller of Three Springs on December 2 is announced.

A 2-1/2-hour-long inauguration parade for President John F. Kennedy is being planned for January 20. Tickets are selling for $3 to $25.

Mr. and Mrs. William R. King (nee Judy Guyer) of Wortington, Pa., announce the birth of a son, David Thomas, on November 22.

Goldie Mae Stevens of Needmore and Ernest Leon Collins of Hancock were married on December 3.

Marriage licenses applied for at the local courthouse: Harty Willard Barnett, Hustontown, and Edith Blanche Mellott, Needmore; Johnnie Edgar Black and Mary Jane Knepper, both of McConnellsburg.

Births announced: a daughter to A/2-C and Mrs. Fred F. Shives in Selma, Ala., on December 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. David R. Oden, Mercersburg, on December 6; a son to Mr. and Mrs. George Hamilton Breakall II of Hancock on December 6.

Statistics show that teachers’ salaries last year average $6,000 annually, compared to $2,390 10 years ago.

Billy Stevens Jr. of Columbia, S.C., while visiting with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Stevens of Hustontown, was bitten in the face in five places by a neighbor’s dog last week.

James Wible, Fort Littleton, is a patient in Chambersburg Hospital with a broken leg and other injuries suffered in a car accident.

Births at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Starliper, Mercersburg, on December 5; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gordon, Mercersburg, on December 6; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Martz, Hustontown, on December 6.

Deaths: W. Scott Rinedollar, Everett; Mrs. Mary Kinzer of Lewistown; Sylvester Pittman, Cumberland, formerly of Hancock; Mrs. Jessie McKee, Amaranth; Walter Cuff, Chambersburg, formerly of Fulton County; Mrs. Nancy Wagly, New Brunswick, N.J., formerly of Fulton County.
60 Years Ago
From The Files Of December 14, 1950
’50 Mr. and Mrs. James Clippinger of Hustontown have moved into their newly furnished apartment in the McClain building.

Gene Gray, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Gray of Warfordsburg, was one of the lucky deer hunters, bagging a 5-point buck.

A 20-year-old former Fulton County girl was convicted on Wednesday on a manslaughter charge in the death of a Washington County man. A Cumberland County jury found her guilty of firing the shot which resulted in the death of Robert S. Lemin, 30. The shooting took place on August 30.

Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Reed Henry of McConnellsburg on December 6; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gordon of Mercersburg on December 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Swope of McConnellsburg on December 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John A. Doyle of McConnellsburg on December 10.

Between 50 and 60 trucks completely tied up traffic on Town Hill Mountain on Monday night when ice covered the entire road from the mountian to Breezewood.

The person or persons who robbed the local VFW Club last Monday were rated this week among the “meanest” thieves. A container set up at the club, plainly marked as being there to receive contributions for the Willis Seville family, was stolen. The Seville family lost their home in a fire on November 21.

Marshall Hellman of McConnellsburg has been re-elected president of the Fulton County Fire Police Association.

Foster Raymond Colledge and Margaret Evans Thomas were married Saturday evening.

Lucky deer hunters in the Hustontown area this year include Walter Fix, Clair McElhaney, Max Shope, Sam Ranck, Walter Mellott, Ivan Hess, Richard Keebuagh, Wayne Keebaugh, Robert Keebaugh, John Martz and Rudy Souders.

Deaths: Harrison M. Shaffer of Johnstown; Harold Akers of Vandalia, Ohio.
70 Years Ago
From The Files Of December 12, 1940
’40 Entries in the first corn growing contest in Fulton County are being exhibited this week at The First National Bank. Those taking part in the contest are Wilmer Mellott of Belfast Township; James Culler and Carl Johnston of Ayr Township; Raleigh Barnett and Edwin Wright of Taylor Township; and Leonard Keebaugh of Dublin Township. The highest yield recorded was that of Edwin Wright, who has 220 bushels of approved Lemaing from a two-acre field.

Death: Christian W. Spade of Crystal Spring.

Fulton County Pomona Grange will hold its annual Christmas party in the Needmore hall on December 14. All subordinate granges will prepare two numbers for the program.

About 80 persons attended the 16th annual ladies’ night and banquet of the Masonic Club of Fulton County at the Mellott Hotel on December 5.

A turkey dinner was held at the Narrows Gun Club on December 4 to mark the close of a successful hunting season. Among those who made remarks were M.W. Nace and Enoch Kerlin, Mr. Nace being the founder of the club and Mr. Kerlin having hunted in that particular area more years than any other person present.

Dr. C.R. Grissinger of Pittsburgh, formerly of Fulton County, was recently honored by having conferred upon him the degree of FICA, a fellowship degree of the International College of Anesthesis, which comes as a result of merit and experience, without money and without price.

County Treasurer H. Eugene Chesnut and Winifred L. Bard were married on December 7.

According to Game Protector Isaac Baumgardner, only 27 deer were reported killed in Fulton County this year.

Johnny Stenger, popular clerk at the Rexall Drug Store, gave up his job here on Saturday. He has taken employment with the Steel Insulating and Weather Stripping Co. of Hagerstown.

Mrs. Estella Seylar and son Joe, with John Greathead as the driver, left on Tuesday for Florida.

Clarence Shore is confined to his home with a broken hip.

Kenneth Richards, Melvin Cutchall and Wilson Mellott went to Washington, D.C., on Monday in hopes of finding employment at the new camp being built there.

Prof. and Mrs. Thomas Rupert announce the birth of a son, born on Saturday at the Huntingdon Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Autabaugh of Thompson Township are all smiles over the arrival of a son, Stanley Jr.

Hogs are still selling very low, 5 1/4 cents per pound, while the top for calves is 10 and 11 cents.
80 Years Ago
From The Files of December 11, 1930
’30 Deaths: Mrs. Mary Belle (Pittman) Nelson of Mc- Connellsburg; Mrs. L. May Cornelius of Patterson, N.J.; Gerald C. Keebaugh of near Lemasters; Miss Sarah Elizabeth Michael of Everett; David Metzler of Samaria, Mich.

Smallpox has broken out in Huntingdon County, one victim being reported thus far.

Dean Naugle, 19, of Burnt Cabins, is confined to the Altoona Hospital with a concussion of the brain and a deep cut above the right eye which he received on Saturday when his car collided with a truck near Tyrone.

Harry, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Henry of Lincoln Way East, was injured Thursday when he was struck by a car driven by a New York woman. The car passed over his leg, breaking it near the ankle. He also received injuries of the head and various scratches and bruises.

Odd Fellows from all over the state will meet in Mc- Connellsburg on December 17 when Webster Grim, grand master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, will visit the local chapter. In order to accommodate the expected crowd, this meeting will be held in the courthouse.

Nhyle Morton of Lincoln Way West is suffering from blood poisoning, the result of a wound on his hand.

The Harrisonville and McConnellsburg String Band met at the J.W. Dishong home on Friday evening and played some fine music. Members of the band are Stanley Strait, Wayne Hollenshead, Claude Batdorff, R. Judson Dishong and Miss Julia Batdorff. Mrs. Levi Morton played the piano.

Mrs. Verna Bergstresser of Waterfall has purchased the farm of Mrs. Ellen Bergstresser for $2,025.

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