2010-11-25 / Local & State

Firefighters Stumble Upon Old, Bloodied Props

WASHINGTON, Pa.(AP) – Firefighters who came to fight a western Pennsylvania hotel fire were shocked to discover a room splattered with blood and empty liquor bottles. But their surprise turned to smiles after they found out the room was set up for a scene shot for a horror film.

Firefighters in Washington stumbled upon the room Sunday at the George Washington hotel. The bloodied room was on the fourth floor of the 10-story hotel and also had vulgar words written on the walls.

It turns out the room was used two years ago to film the horror movie “New Terminal Hotel.’’ The movie starred the late actor Corey Haim.

The Obeserver-Reporter of Washington reports that the hotel’s owner hadn’t cleaned the room because he wasn’t sure if the film company would have to return for reshoots.

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